Christmas 2014

First time we've been home for Christmas in about 4 years, so this is the first tree we've slaughtered in years.
We waited for CJ to come home before we got the tree.
(also Dusty was gone at Rocky Point, then Kathy was gone in Vegas in previous weekends)

The trees were pretty picked over, but we found one Charlie Brown tree that had a good side...

Bob socks and colorful toe socks

The last table at Bubba Gumps has a $10 million dollar view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the entire bay. 
It is also much quieter than the rest of the tables since these tables are around a corner from the hordes of tourists.
This table was even quieter cause the staff at Bubba Gumps left people literally out in the cold while all the other tables near us were empty for 30-45 minutes... corporate would not be pleased...

Robby's 18th Birthday

George Washington socks

CJ and I went biking

CJ went surfing and stood up a few times