Alaska 2018


Friday August 3, 2018
El Granada to Anchorange

Saturday August 4, 2018

18:32 California time
Dusty: We are now over an hour late pushing back from the gate at sfo..
Dusty: incoming plane was maybe 30m late..
Dusty: they just explained that they were just finishing loading the last bags..
Dusty: Kathy, the most patient easygoing person on the planet, can't believe they made zero announcements or apologies for this
Dusty: Missing Southwest airlines already...but finally pushing back....

18:37 California time
Ray: That's nothing to worry about
Ray: You're gonna have a great time!

Dusty: United never charged us for food or beer, but it was hard to tell if that was cause we were an hour late or cause they all just seemed downright useless and lazy
Dusty: They were at least friendly which seems to be a rarity sometimes on United

17:20 California time

19:24 California time
Eureka / Arcata California

This conversation took place the next day after I sent the picture above of

23:10 California time
Dusty: Eureka (I think) and a glacier i may be able to identify later

07:05 Alaska time 08:05 California time
Kent: Not Eureka
Kent:  May be Coos Bay.

07:06 Alaska time 08:06 California time
Ray: Nice
Ray: I love Alaska.

07:07 Alaska time 08:07 California time
Ray: Sophie says to tell you the sun never goes down.

07:08 Alaska time 08:08 California time
Dusty: Take another look Kent, i think it is, comparing the outlines of the bay / lagoon to google maps

07:09 Alaska time 08:09 California time
Dusty: Yeah sun went down at like 1am

07:12 Alaska time 08:12 California time
Dusty: Glaciers were west of Whittier, plan to do day trip there except nothing's going to compare to the fleeting views i just got from the plane...

07:14 Alaska time 08:14 California time
Dusty: I even think i saw the industrial zone where you worked north of the bay, we dropped in once during 1 of my 2 trips up there

07:14 Alaska time 08:14 California time
Dusty: Where you at Kent?

07:30 Alaska time 08:30 California time
Kent: Yea, now that I see the jeties
Kent:  That industrial zone where I worked is Arcata California
Kent:  A very special place in America
Kent:  A city stuck in time
Kent:  Yakima had to move after I left to save shipping costs
Kent:  I knew the original owner well and he was a "behind the redwood curtain" type.

07:32 Alaska time 08:32 California time
Dusty: I got a decent view of the Farralones but from way too far away for a useable iPhone pic

19:52 California time

21:48 Alaska time 22:48 California time
Portage Glacier

07:49 Alaska time 08:49 California time
Dusty: The glacier pic is Portage Glacier, popular tourist spot, thought i recognized it from the air given i also had a rough idea of our location from uniteds craptastic map on the inflight entertainment.

07:51 Alaska time 08:51 California time
Dusty: Glacier has retreated so much you can't even see it from the visitor center they built in 1986..
Dusty: must now ride a boat to even see it

21:55 Alaska time 22:55 California time

21:56 Alaska time 22:56 California time

Dusty: Anchorage airport was packed with people waiting to fly out when we arrived 10pm..
Dusty: looks like most people take red eyes to the lower 48

07:51 Alaska time 08:51 California time
Kent: Old owner of Yakima was a very cool hippie
Kent:  For Arcata, that's something
Kent:  He drive a 1963 split window vette to work
Kent:  And his whole company started from making a foot brace kayakers liked..
Kent:  I'm beat up from hiking and climbing
Kent:  Many wonderful adventures!!


Alaska 2018


Friday August 3, 2018
El Granada to Anchorange

Saturday August 4, 2018