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Tuesday August 14, 2018
Glacier Bay

Wednesday August 15, 2018

Thursday August 16, 2018

Ray (on Tuesday): The chief justice of the az supreme court agrees with me on Facebook that Skyfall is terrible and Daniel Craig is the worst James Bond ever.

05:25 Alaska time 06:25 California time
Kent: I agree with worst bond ever
Kent:  They have been disappointing since the start
Kent:  Although, I personally liked the George Lazenby best
Kent:  Same movie best Bond girl
Kent:  Diana Rigg, who doesn't look the same in GOT.
Kent:  Dusty, where are you?

05:30 Alaska time 06:30 California time
Kent: Oh, and there's a nest of beautiful brainwashed women in the Swiss alps (Schiltorn above Murren) that must seduce him after his climb up
Kent:  By far the best
Kent:  I also like From Russia with Love

I woke up early and got in a great workout once again.

A few brief moments of sunshine above a couple of high glaciers above old Seward fort in Haines

08:06 Alaska time 09:06 California time
Dusty: Greetings from Haines Alaska

09:34 Alaska time 10:34 California time
Dusty: Awful weather Sunday and Monday
Dusty: 40mph winds Sunday for busride, also on Monday for cruise
Dusty: 10' swells, ship was tossing and turning more than we would have liked
Dusty:  Took a fair amount of effort to avoid seasickness
Dusty:  Kathy took dramamine and was fine
Dusty:  I didn't take it was ok as long as i didn't try to read standing up...

09:35 Alaska time 10:35 California time
Dusty: Cruise ship service and facilities are 5 star, food is amazing

09:39 Alaska time 10:39 California time
Dusty: Seas settled down as soon as we entered Glacier bay, dead calm, zero motion..
Dusty: same in Haines..
Dusty: much nicer than tossing and turning..
Dusty: had a wierd dream about a huge wave on a beach yesterday morning that I'm sure was related to wave action

09:40 Alaska time 10:40 California time
Dusty: Glacier Bay was awesome, like Glacier National Park in Montana on steroids

09:40 Alaska time 10:40 California time
Dusty: Texts work here but no data or internet..
Dusty: can't send pics but received pauls pics
Dusty:  Larry, Moe and Curley's cellular doesn't work too well here

09:37 Alaska time
During breakfast they ran the once a week 'person overboard' drill.

09:41 Alaska time

10:03 Alaska time

10:30 Alaska time
Downtown Haines Alaska, looking south towards the bay.

10:30 Alaska time
Downtown Haines Alaska, looking north

We spent about 30 minutes finding the library to see if we could use their free public wifi
It didn't work, it was just as broken as the local cellular service.

11:13 Alaska time
Two of the more famous sites in Haines - the coffeehouse and the Hammer Museum.
We didn't go to either.

11:17 Alaska time
Haines Museum
Yes we skipped it too.

11:20 Alaska time

11:28 Alaska time

11:31 Alaska time

11:37 Alaska time

Paul's vacation pictures

Paul's pics

Paul's pics

Paul's pics

Paul's pics

Paul's pics

Paul's pics

Paul: We rented a cool house in the mountains is Central Idaho for the week
Paul: Just did a great hike with Tay and Lisa's dad down a canyon to some waterfalls

11:56 Alaska time 12:56 California time
Paul: Backyard is on a stream and pond with kayaks
Paul: Fire pit and hot tub
Paul: Good fun!

12:06 Alaska time 13:06 California time
Ray: Amy would sure hate that sort of heavy motion! It would take her days to recover
Ray: Did you see any icebergs?

12:07 Alaska time 13:07 California time
Kent: Nice!  I've always had fun in Idaho
Kent:  Starry skies too

12:28 Alaska time 13:28 California time
Dusty: Nothing large, just chunks of ice
Dusty:  Motion of ship was not too fun
Dusty:  Even in Haines library we weren't able to get reliable internet access, only texts are going through
Dusty:  Kinda frustrating..
Dusty: Ship wants $15/day, I figured I could wait until we got here
Dusty:  We'll see if Juneau has internet tomorrow
Dusty:  Very few families on board, and they all seem to be with extended family groups
Dusty:  Almost all very or very very old people, but everyone is nice
Dusty:  Had a beer with me during mandatory evacuation drill Sunday night, at least half a dozen people commented on how i was doing it right, i am a very minor celebrity between that and hard core cycling workouts each morning

12:30 Alaska time 13:30 California time
Dusty: Didn't see any decent glacier calving, just a few small chunks at best
Dusty:  Margerie glacier is the famous huge one.

12:34 Alaska time 13:34 California time
Dusty: Jaw Point was arguably cooler, can see 4-5 glaciers at the same time
Dusty:  Decks were packed for Margerie Glacier for about 90m, then everyone went inside to eat
Dusty:  Very few people on decks for Jaw Point.

12:36 Alaska time 13:36 California time
Dusty: Glaciers are about 50 miles up the bay, take all day to go up, see glaciers, and come back down
Dusty:  Hanies is a cute town with almost nothing in it, we walked the town for 90m, and about half of that was spent trying to get internet access to work

12:37 Alaska time 13:37 California time
Dusty: Spent a good hour in the hot tub watching some high hanging distant glaciers go by yesterday, that was awesome

12:44 Alaska time 13:44 California time
Dusty: Saw an island with a couple hundred stellar sea lions fairly close to the ship, could hear them...saw a single sea otter
Dusty:  Kathy saw a couple of bald eagles this morning

13:14 Alaska time 14:14 California time
Dusty: Had fleeting sun this morning now back to low clouds (maybe 3000-5000' guessing based on mountains) same as yesterday

14:02 Alaska time 15:02 California time
Ray: Mars should look good tonight
Ray: Either Saturn or Jupiter should be up
Ray: Any of you blokes catch the meteor shower? I like the Lazenby one a lot, especially the way it's filmed
Ray: I love Diana Rigg

14:41 Alaska time 15:41 California time
Paul: Rental house had a nice telescope
Paul: Hoping there are some planets it tonight

17:31 Alaska time 18:31 California time
Paul: Full day on Payette Lake on a pontoon boat
Paul: Great time
Paul: We had an awesome tow-behind inflatable disc-thing
Paul: I was able to surf on the thing with no hands for maybe 10 seconds before getting knocked around by a hard sheet of water

17:37 Alaska time 18:37 California time
Kent: Beautiful!  Looks a little Smokey like it is here from fires.

17:49 Alaska time 18:49 California time
Paul: Yep
Paul: Smokier than yesterday
Paul: Could not smell it, just an annoying haze

14:21 Alaska time

18:35 Alaska time

19:57 Alaska time
Booking the cruise with Costco travel got us a rebate, free drink package, and one night's dinner at the Pinnacle Grill steak house.
The drink package worked well for us, you can order a very wide variety of beverages under the $9 limit.
We tried the steak house Wednesday night.
I thought the dining room the nights before had been 5 star food and service.
I was wrong, the steak house was quite a step up from the dining room.

20:18 Alaska time

They brought us all an escargot based starter... and Kathy dove right in!
The rest of us followed.

20:32 Alaska time

21:11 Alaska time

21:11 Alaska time

21:11 Alaska time

22:09 Alaska time

21:43 Alaska time

21:43 Alaska time

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