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Saturday August 18, 2018
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I woke up early and got in a great workout once again.

Paul's pictures from his vacation

09:20 Alaska time 10:20 California time
Paul: Fishing from a cool perch

09:36 Alaska time 10:36 California time
Paul: Cabin with a hot tub, trout lake with kayaks, and a game room with a full size Galaga and Ms PAC MAN
Paul: Good place!!

09:46 Alaska time 10:46 California time
Dusty: Greetings from near Ketchikan, dock in under an hour and just got cell service back...weather reverted to dreary with a chance of shitty...
Dusty: Paul, is this a different cabin in a different location?

10:05 Alaska time 11:05 California time
Paul: Nope
Paul: Same cabin
Paul: In the woods on a pond, kayaks came with it (great surprise!)
Paul: The pic of the kids on the rock is Little Payette Lake from yesterday, not the pond

10:07 Alaska time 11:07 California time
Paul: Took various combinations of the kids out fishing on the kayak 8 times over 4 days
Paul: Tay caught 6 fish, the rest of us got shut out

10:06 Alaska time

10:10 Alaska time

10:22 Alaska time

10:25 Alaska time

10:31 Alaska time

10:31 Alaska time

10:50 Alaska time 11:50 California time
Dusty: Creek street, old historic part of Ketchikan, from balcony of our room
Dusty: That appears to be the only thing worth seeing, at least in cruddy weather, according to tripadvisor and our limited interest in endless amounts of totem poles...kinda chilly out..
Dusty: officer of the watch just told everyone to basically stay the hell away from the gangways until we are fully docked, I assume theres a crowd down there dying to get off to spend too much money on touristy crap

11:24 Alaska time

12:37 Alaska time

11:25 Alaska time

11:28 Alaska time

11:29 Alaska time

11:28 Alaska time

11:28 Alaska time

11:28 Alaska time

11:28 Alaska time

11:34 Alaska time 12:34 California time
Michael: Hold on to your wallet in there.

11:40 Alaska time 12:40 California time
Ray: Another exploited sex worker...

11:40 Alaska time 12:40 California time
Dusty: The tourists are the ones being exploited now...

11:41 Alaska time 12:41 California time
Dusty: $10 admission to the museum

11:42 Alaska time

11:42 Alaska time

11:43 Alaska time

11:45 Alaska time

11:52 Alaska time

12:17 Alaska time

12:18 Alaska time

12:18 Alaska time

12:20 Alaska time

12:19 Alaska time 13:19 California time
Dusty: US National Forest visitor center was apparently sponsored by the lumber and mining industry

12:35 Alaska time 13:35 California time
Paul: Dusty, what's the name of your boat?

12:36 Alaska time 13:36 California time
Paul: I'm still hoping it's Boaty McBoatface

12:40 Alaska time 13:40 California time
Dusty: Westerdam
Dusty:  Westerdam and Nordam make the same weeklong trip, alternating directions all summer long
Dusty:  Nordam had a norovirus outbreak in June
Dusty:  They have hand sanitizer everywhere onboard, but also tell you that it doesn't stop norovirus..

12:39 Alaska time 13:39 California time
Michael: Shippy McShipface

12:40 Alaska time 13:40 California time
Dusty: The Amsterdam is also in port, no idea yet where it goes

12:46 Alaska time

12:52 Alaska time 13:52 California time
Dusty: Hundreds of tourists paid good money for a tour of a rainy harbor that they should have already seen a few hours ago when we cruised in and docked...before it was raining...
Dusty: Darwin keeps loosing

12:58 Alaska time

The Amsterdam, a third Holland America ship...

13:47 Alaska time

13:48 Alaska time

Kent's pictures from his skateboard ride

14:05 Alaska time 15:05 California time
Kent: On my skate ride today I stumbled into a Tongan picnic
Kent: They do pork!  Yummy.

14:16 Alaska time 15:16 California time
Kent: Looked like they had hours to go

Kent: If I was a kid in 2018 I would have killed myself on these bike paths now!  A big difference from the giant dirt hill I would ride on price rd
14:21 Alaska time 15:21 California time
Dusty: Any ship this size is a big maze..
Dusty: Kathy's dad knows the ship better than either Kathy or her mom,
probably due to numerous coffee runs
Dusty: Kathy does reasonably well at this point
Dusty: Took me a couple of days to figure things out but i still occasionally mistake some of the bars and other stuff on decks 2 and 3

Ray's pics from his backyard

18:11 Alaska time 19:11 California time
Ray: Ended the day short of the goal
Ray: I need to work on my jugging technique
Ray: Everything's set for round 2 tomorrow
Ray: I got up to the crux, but then had a dilemma on how to exit, so I slung the big branch on right and rapped down

18:12 Alaska time 19:12 California time
Ray: Here is my anchor and lawn mower back-up.

18:25 Alaska time 19:25 California time
Paul: What in God's name are you on? Your pro is a lawnmower?

18:28 Alaska time 19:28 California time
Ray: Yes
Ray: It's my backup anchor.

20:20 Alaska time 21:20 California time
Ray: In case the cinder block blows out.

[on Sunday after I got the pictures]
Dusty: Ray you clearly need about 14 more lines into that tree
Dusty: Otherwise it might start floating away
Dusty: You set the emergency brake on the lawnmower, right?

18:09 Alaska time

18:09 Alaska time

18:38 Alaska time

18:38 Alaska time

18:38 Alaska time

18:39 Alaska time

This is my gala attire

19:10 Alaska time

19:24 Alaska time

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Saturday August 18, 2018
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