Alaska 2018

Saturday August 18, 2018
Inside Passage

Sunday August 19, 2018
Vancouver to El Granada

07:02 California time
Ray: are you back from Alaska

07:07 California time
Dusty: In smokey vancouver, cruise ship docking now, we get evicted and put on a bus within an hour, will be in sfo about 3pm
Dusty:  Yesterday was sunny warm and gorgeous, I spent 4 solid hours poolside reading about Brad Washburn
Dusty: Retractable roof over pool opened up.

07:18 California time
Ray: it's nice that they serve you a last meal

07:23 California time
Dusty: The buffet is a zoo now
Dusty:  We're due to get on the bus at 755 and kathy refuses to get out of bed...

07:24 California time
Ray: I think they check for stowaways before it departs again...

07:25 California time
Dusty: I've been working out every morning except the morning we had to get up early and go whale watching and this morning
Dusty: Been drinking 3-4 glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice daily to get my sugar rush, god that shit is good..
Dusty: yet another thing i will miss until my next summer vacation..
Dusty: wah!

07:26 California time
Dusty: Yeah I'm pretty sure they'll scan us all off the ship..
Dusty: plus someone else will have this room in 8 hours or so
Dusty:  Kathy is finally moving now

07:28 California time
Dusty: Saw a few whale spouts from the distance yesterday, was not very exciting after seeing so many up close on Thursday

08:19 California time
Ray: We had a lot of fresh squeezed oj in europe, too
Ray: The 1st time sophie ordered an oj in Barcelona, she took a look at rhe pulpy mass and was like, "here, dad."

08:21 California time
Dusty: Used to hate the pulp..
Dusty: still hate the pulp in concentrated fake oj

08:22 California time
Dusty: They did not scan us off the ship..
Dusty: missed our chance to stowaway

09:09 California time
Kent: My boys and I were just talking about pulp and whether we like it
Kent:  Answer was unanimous
Kent:  We like pulp
Kent:  Especially lemon aid pulp.

Paul's pics

Two days later...Paul's share of the fish

Three days later...

09:38 California time
Paul: My work friends kid is a huge 13 year old
Paul: He's been deep sea fishing since he was 6
Paul: He's so good at all things fishing-related that he goes out with a Boat EVERY weekend and gets to fish for free and even gets paid a little in exchange for helping out the patrons and cleaning the boat
Paul: Kid has caught 54 native California species (apparently 50 is a major milestone for professionals), and regularly wins tournaments in his age group, or even overall
Paul: Just got this picture from his dad....

09:46 California time
Dusty: What the hell species is that?  It is very pretty and I'll bet yummy..
Dusty: I discovered halibut on this trip...
Dusty: yummy....

09:50 California time
Jed: Based on beer bottle labels....not a knowledge of fish
Jed: It looks like a Dorado

09:51 California time
Dusty: We just had our 8oz jars of alaskan jelly that we were bringing to the next door neighbor to thank him for taking car of our cat confiscated since we left them in Kathy's backpack..
Dusty: rookie mistake, i remembered to move the damn $1 worth of toothpaste but not the $25 worth of touristy Ketchican jelly..
Dusty: well at least amerika is safe again...

09:52 California time
Dusty: google image search sure seems to agree, excellent call Jed!  Beer is very educational

09:52 California time
Kent: Looks a little like a dolphin fish?  It is beautiful! 

09:54 California time
Dusty: You home yet paul?

09:55 California time
Ray: It's feel great to catch a fish like that - almost as good as catching fish in Rocky Point!

Paul's pic

10:54 California time
Paul: Even the beach is hot today
Paul: My 5 mile run was quite taxing
Paul: Ready for summer to end! Lisa just got our electric bill
Paul: $670! Never been over $400 before, and we kept the AC to what I though was a reasonable level

10:55 California time
Paul: Ocean is 79 degrees here and air is 77
Paul: Crazy shit

11:01 California time
Ray: 670 is hilarious
Ray: Ours only 460
Ray: Deathly hot here
Ray: Nearly had heat stroke hanging from tree yesterday
Ray: I was gonna drive north to the "cool" weather for an adventure, but it's hot everywhere in afternoon right now.

11:01 California time
Dusty: We have to open our windows maybe 10 times a year, that's our ac..
Dusty: combined gas and electric have seldom if ever exceeded $200 in the winter, usually much less
Dusty: Hot tub used to take maybe up to $40 a month to run when i used it

11:15 California time
Dusty: Priority pass lounge in vancouver us departure lounge is standing room only and pretty shabby..
Dusty: waiting to see if the very high strung waitress type punches her co-worker,
she's been going on about some perceived slight on and off for like 30m,
unprofessional as hell...
bus driver gave us a full tour speech on the way to airport,
min wage here is over $11,
housing costs about the same as San Francisco...
who would have ever thought airport food workers weren't up to the same 5 star standards as our grossly underpaid cruise line workers were? 
Crazy the more I think about it, can't imagine how little they made, stuck on cruise ship on 10month contracts, our cabin guy seemed to worked 16 hour days..
Dusty: so far our flight is about the only one not delayed, Kathy's parents flight through sfo now delayed 70m, they may have trouble making their connecting flight to denver

11:20 California time
Paul: I met a Italian guy in Thailand that used to work cruise ships
Paul: He supplemented his income by smuggling cigarettes on the ship and selling them in ports with high tobacco tax
Paul: He said he stuffed his living space so tight that he only left about an extra inch between his face and the cigarettes
Paul: He contoured them around his body

12:31 California time
Dusty: 2 loud kids in back of us on plane...
Dusty: girl across the aisle in front of us having a meltdown...may be a long flight....

12:41 California time
Dusty: Now her boyfriend started picked a fight w flight attendant cause there was a divider in seat between them, he moved it to sit next to her to comfort her..
Dusty:  I started taking video siruptitously, i was sure he was going to be thrown off, moron backed down just in time..
Dusty: i was kinda hoping both spoiled brats got kicked off plane, I'm bummed...

12:43 California time
Dusty: She was apparently upset at being asked to show her green card to board plane but not sure, couldn't hear much
Dusty: Dude is a total ass and needs to have his butt kicked.
Dusty: All 135lbs of it

12:45 California time
Dusty: Reminds me of myself at his age only worse :)

14:01 Alaska time

14:11 Alaska time

14:32 Alaska time

14:54 California time
Dusty: Landed sfo..
Dusty: horrible forest fire smoke over all of Norcal
Dusty:  Visibility over bay only a few miles down near ground level
Dusty:  Saw several fires and smoke for the entire 2nd half of the flight

14:55 California time
Dusty: Wind was blowing south

17:00 California time
Ray: waaa!

17:00 California time
Ray: Another trip down.

Saturday August 18, 2018
Inside Passage

Sunday August 19, 2018
Vancouver to El Granada