Austria 2019

Friday July 12, 2019
Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse Edelweissspritze

Saturday July 13, 2019
drive from Heiligenblut, AT to Prutz, AT

Sunday July 14, 2019
Kaunertaler Gletscherpanoramastraße

I slept in, or at least tried to.
I had no intention of freezing my ass off two days in a row.
The town was pretty deserted with everyone on their bikes....
I wanted to drive up Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Höhe to see it, then drive to Prutz.
I checked out and stared driving.
The fastest cyclists were already racing back into town as I started driving up the mountain.
They all looked frozen...even with full gear on they looked frozen...

The road was supposed to be closed to cars until 9am.
I got stopped by a traffic cop at the turnoff to Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Höhe, in very broken English he told me I'd need to stay in back of the "caboose", the van following the cyclists up the mountain.

05:43 Europe time 21:43 California time
Kent: Wow!  Looks incredible Dusty!  Jackson Hole fun starts!  They have a great American climbing history here, and a park at base of snow king ski resort that celebrates it
Kent:  Even a replica of the pre historic enclosure found at upper saddle of the grand Teton!  They say it was probably for a vision quest thing for native Americans
Kent:  Andrew is a good climber for his age
Kent:  Very solid fundamentals and always calm

06:10 Europe time 22:10 California time
Kent: great jersey and swag!  I would love that jersey! I couldn't imagine not having clip in pedals going up all those passes though!  You have probably already set a record for people riding without clips up alpine passes!

07:56 Europe time 23:56 California time
Ray: Its my Birthday in 5 minutes, boys
Ray: Having a 2nd beer and catching up on texts...

07:56 Europe time 23:56 California time
Ray: Guten morgan, fraulein!

08:18 Europe time 00:18 California time
Ray: I haven't spotted you yet

08:21 Europe time 00:21 California time
Ray: Um, you don't have clipless pedals or toeclips? Are you mad?

09:20 Europe time 01:20 California time
Dusty: Says the meow meow who broke his elbow with them?

09:20 Europe time 01:20 California time
Dusty: Does the snow falling show up on that webcam?

09:21 Europe time 01:21 California time
Dusty: Happy Birthday!!!!

09:22 Europe time 01:22 California time
Ray: Not toeclips..
Ray: that was the damned clipless - but I still have them on my road bike
Ray: I can't ride a bike, hardly, w/o toeclips.

2019/07/13 09:10

As I approached the final long switchback up Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Höhe I could see the caboose was not very far in front of me, and it was moving very slowly in back of the last cyclists.
I quickly decided there was no way I was going to wait another 45 minutes or so for these cyclists to get up the mountain.
I was a little bummed that I wouldn't get to see Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Höhe, but I didn't care much since there's nothing to see today anyway.
I was just very happy to be warm and dry.

2019/07/13 09:16

PANO - scroll right

2019/07/13 09:17

2019/07/13 09:40

Edelweissspritze from the south
I was very exicted to see the sun and was looking forward to getting some better pictures!

PANO - scroll right

2019/07/13 09:41

2019/07/13 09:48

PANO - scroll right

I stopped for a while to try to take a picture of Grossglockner through the clouds.
This turned out to be a mistake....

2019/07/13 10:00

...because by the time I drove back up Edelweissspritze, the partly sunny skies of only 20 minutes ago were long gone and it had started snowing...
I was now fairly disappointed by Grossglockner, I was done...

2019/07/13 10:01
cobbled hairpins on Edelweissspritze

2019/07/13 10:07
Edelweissspritze in the snow, looking west toward Grossglockner

2019/07/13 10:08
Edelweissspritze in the snow, looking west

2019/07/13 10:18

2019/07/13 10:19

2019/07/13 10:48

2019/07/13 10:52
this is probably the best picture I have in 2 days of trying to photograph this damn mountain.

2019/07/13 10:53

PANO - scroll right
I started my 3-1/2 hour drive to Prutz..

2019/07/13 11:54

Again today I stopped at McDonalds for a coke..
I was quite pleased by the machines, no language barrier and they take credit cards!

2019/07/13 12:26
And then it really started raining....

2019/07/13 15:00

While my ride tomorrow technically starts in Prutz, I couldn't find any decent hotels or restaurants online in Prutz.
I asked for a walk up rate for at 4 star Hotel Linde in nearby Ried im Oberinntal and got a nice single room including dinner, agian for much less than booking.com
I'd learned a few new tricks:
- save money by using booking.com for research, but  NOT reserving rooms with booking.com, and
- stay in 4 star hotels and get a fantastic meal for much less cash than dining out, with a bonus of
- no worries about dui since I'm eating in my hotel!

After I check in I quickly realized I should have told them I'm staying 2 nights instead of 1.
They had another room for me for tomorrow, but I'd have to switch rooms.
Lesson learned (again) - plan better!

13:27 Europe time 05:27 California time
Kent: Happy birthday Ray!

14:26 Europe time 06:26 California time
Dusty: did not race today, it was snowing at the top and windy..
Dusty: I don’t need 2 days in a row of that!   Supposed to be clear tomorrow morning before more bad weather tomorrow afternoon,hoping to beat the weather tomorrow ..
Dusty: supposed to be better on Monday at least for a day...
Dusty: am in Hotel Linde in Ried...found on booking.com, walkup rate was the same but includes full board, which will make dinner easier, she said 5 courses..
Dusty: there a hugh 'snack' buffet out now

2019/07/13 15:00
View from my room

2019/07/13 15:00
my room

2019/07/13 15:55
Ried im Oberinntal

2019/07/13 15:55
Ried im Oberinntal

2019/07/13 15:56
Ried im Oberinntal

2019/07/13 15:58
Hotel Linde

2019/07/13 15:59
the police station is conventiently located right across the street from Hotel Linde

2019/07/13 18:22
Salad bar

Potato crème brûlée with wasabi cream...

2019/07/13 18:36

Hokkaido puimpkin cream soup

2019/07/13 18:43

2019/07/13 18:47
Venison ragout almond balls

2019/07/13 19:09

Marzipan, chocolate, and vistula

2019/07/13 19:39
Ice cream bar
I picked chocolate and lemon as a pairing for the first time ever and was not disappointed.
The entire meal was fantastic.

18:13 Europe time 10:13 California time
Paul: That looks darned good

18:14 Europe time 10:14 California time
Dusty: It is off the charts

18:15 Europe time 10:15 California time
Dusty: They are very entertained that i am from California
The head waiter (?) is Hungarian, he told me the staff is from "all over".
By "all over" he apparently meant the poor countries of Eastern europe.
A picture board showed names and faces of nearly 80 staff members.

18:16 Europe time 10:16 California time
Dusty: Not too many Americans on the backroads of Austria...
Dusty: this place is right near the Swiss border, Saturday night, full of Austrian families on vacation

18:18 Europe time 10:18 California time
Dusty: I decided to stay a 2nd night.
Dusty: i may have to move rooms,  which would be inconvenient but  not fatal

18:20 Europe time 10:20 California time
Kent: Super cool Dusty!  Hope  weather settles
Kent:  Alps....

18:25 Europe time 10:25 California time
Dusty: I must say other than the weather Austria is exceeding my expectations..
Dusty: just needed to recalibrate some of my Vienna experiences.
Dusty: a couple of Ricks 3 star attractions didn't do much for me, but others more than made up for it
Dusty: The countryside in the Alps is always gorgeous, just better in better weather...

18:26 Europe time 10:26 California time
Dusty: Whatcha doing in Jackson Kent?

18:36 Europe time 10:36 California time
Kent: Eight of us here
Kent: All went to raft the snake today
Kent: I've done that float 7 times
Kent: I decided to skip it, so at cabin now about to go on a long skateboard ride
Kent: Excellent smooth relatively flat paved bike paths here perfect for distance if wind isn't blowing
Kent: When they return we'll rodeo!  The kids love chasing the poor calf the let loose
Kent: Whoever grabs the ribbon win a prize
Kent: Tomorrow, I'll take the kids to a cool hidden bouldering area that's usually has tons of wildlife and awesome views of the Grand

18:37 Europe time 10:37 California time
Dusty: Excellent!

18:40 Europe time 10:40 California time
Kent: It ain't Europe, but pretty close and because I've been here a lot, I know some cool spots
Kent:  Everyone always loves it here

18:43 Europe time 10:43 California time
Dusty: Yeah there's a reason i drove the family truckter 1-1/2 days from the bay area to the tetons and yellowstone 4 times ...

19:25 Europe time 11:25 California time
Dusty: I saw people cycling up today who must have been in far worse shape than i was yesterday..
Dusty: short sleeves, no sign of more gear, and it is snowing on top of the mountain...

19:26 Europe time 11:26 California time
Dusty: Honestly don't know wtf some people are thinking..
Dusty: nearly everyone in the race this morning was pretty well prepared for the weather

19:34 Europe time 11:34 California time
Paul: Dusty, you're not too far from Hallstatt
Paul: Super pretty lake/mountain town

19:35 Europe time 11:35 California time
Paul: Nevermind
Paul: 3 hrs by car

19:35 Europe time 11:35 California time
Kent: I once saw a young Swiss mountain hut maid leave for a hike back down to civilization wearing thin cotton everything!

19:35 Europe time 11:35 California time
Dusty: I just went the wrong direction
Dusty: Not going there

19:36 Europe time 11:36 California time
Dusty: I was 100km from Salzburg earlier today

19:38 Europe time 11:38 California time
Kent: The hills are alive with the sound of Ketchum....

19:40 Europe time 11:40 California time
Dusty: Tomorrow it will be Dodge

2019/07/13 21:04

20:05 Europe time 12:05 California time
Dusty: You all are missing the best show ever on channel orf2t

21:43 Europe time 13:43 California time
Kent: Nice!  It's today as well!

Friday July 12, 2019
Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse Edelweissspritze

Saturday July 13, 2019
drive from Heiligenblut, AT to Prutz, AT

Sunday July 14, 2019
Kaunertaler Gletscherpanoramastraße