Yosemite 2020

Sunday November 1, 2020
El Granada to Upper Pines 19

Monday November 2, 2020
Upper Pines 19 to Upper Pines 59

Tuesday November 3, 2020
Upper Pines 59

2020/11/02 09:04

Gotta pack up the camp and move by noon.
My new site looks crappy compared to this one but I'll manage.
I don't move tomorrow

It seemed somewhat crowded last night but it wasn't really bad, probably more like it used to be 20y ago when i first moved to ca.
This morning it seems almost empty.
Mew mew across the street slept in their suv and left the engine running all night long.
Dysfunctional couple left early.
The spot on my other side was empty until after dark, a single male in a car, may have slept in the car, also left early...

2020/11/02 09:07

2020/11/02 09:18

2020/11/02 09:19

2020/11/02 09:34

2020/11/02 09:34

2020/11/02 09:35

Camp 4
I think I recognize those boulders from storied pictures of earlier times.

2020/11/02 09:37

2020/11/02 09:39

2020/11/02 09:52

Kent's picture from a book

One of my climbing life highlights was to go to Yosemite in the late 90's with John Fowler.
He worked in the tool and die room at bd and was a big deal in the late 80's around Mt Lemmon.
He showed me the tricks you could still get away with in Yosemite.
Poaching camps under el cap (because cars could park there overnight), free showers, ect.
We went to camp 4 and he introduced me to Jose Pereyra a camp 4 legend. (RIP - died in portrero Chico mx 5 years later).
He gave me a tour of boulders around camp 4 and told me i was a better bolderer than him.
(Probably not true, but sure made me feel great, and he could see my psych)
I flashed this famous boulder that's in the classic Yosemite Climber book (Bachar) from the 70's.
He said he never saw another person flash it...
I got pretty high on midnight lightning, but didn't have the power to mantle the roof.
Nobody else climbed as high as I did when I was there.
I was climbing 5.12 on a good day back then.
Later we climbed the trad rostrum and I did my hardest Yosemite lead (11.b trad!) and after those 8 pitches John climbed the kaukulator crack 11.c and I tr'd it clean!
Later in same trip we went up to tuolomne and we climbed sport routes for a few days.
Great memories.

Cool! I was working on gaining weight in the late 90s. When we went to Yosemite in 2000, I could barely climb 5.7.

We did climb 5.6 mungenella, but I think I led it all.
Remember that giant lizard we saw in the grass leaving?
t was 3ft long and looked like a monitor.
It moved through the grass more like a snake than a lizard.
I've tried to figure out what kind of lizard it was before, because it was really big.

I only remember doing two pitches before it got dark. I took too long leading my pitch and rappelled mid-way from a branch.
I don't remember the lizard!

I remember the lizard!

2020/11/02 11:49

2020/11/02 12:15

The old owners of this site left right at noon.. and I moved in minutes later.
Note there's sun now, barely, just after noon.

2020/11/02 12:39

12:39pm and there is no sun...

Dusty: New spot is not great but I'm here. Off the find the sun again!

2020/11/02 13:52
I spent over an hour by the side of the road in my chair watching the world go by.
Lots of folks drive or rode by and were clearly jealous of my spot and chair :)

2020/11/02 15:09

2020/11/02 15:25

2020/11/02 16:02

Since it gets cold quickly, I started the fire an hour earlier tonight.

2020/11/02 16:21

2020/11/02 16:36

Sunday November 1, 2020
El Granada to Upper Pines 19

Monday November 2, 2020
Upper Pines 19 to Upper Pines 59

Tuesday November 3, 2020
Upper Pines 59