Switzerland 2021


Wednesday August 18, 2021

Friday August 20, 2021
Grand Saint Bernard

Kathy was working, so I caught a ride to SFO with a local cabbie who advertises by word of mouth and on Nextdoor.  I got to the airport about 3 hours early since I was worried about long lines.  I only waited a few minutes to get checked in, so I had a couple hours to kill in the international terminal.

17:29 California time

One of the gates at SFO's international terminal

17:32 California time
My Swiss 777!

17:51 California time
A very welcome outdoor lounge at SFO

17:45 California time
Paul: Dusty - you off to Zürich tomorrow?

17:48 California time
Dusty: 755pm tonight....

17:54 California time
Kent: I remember that airport!

17:54 California time
Dusty: August 18 2012

17:55 California time
Kent: One of my favorite days.

18:06 California time
Dusty: I checked the weather yesterday, gonna start raining Sunday and not sure when its gonna get nicer..
Dusty:  so I'm going to Martigny and renting the bike a day earlier than planned to try to get a couple decent days half Friday and Saturday...

18:12 California time
Dusty: That trip was the awesome start to a series of awesome trips...

18:14 California time
Dusty: Where you at Raymond?

18:17 California time
Ray: just leaving monument valley - more weather bearing down!

Ray's pic

Ray's pic

Ray's pic

Ray's pic

18:18 California time
Dusty: Where you gonna spend the night?

18:19 California time
Kent: Skipping Lausanne? 
I'll be back to Alps someday soon
Kent:  91, 95, 00, 04, 05, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18....

18:20 California time
Dusty: Yeah i need at least Saturday on a bike before it rains Sunday

18:21 California time
Dusty: Doesn't hurt that the room in Martigny is only 72chf w breakfast....

18:24 California time
Kent: That's why I started staying there!  It's a good hub and I like the vibe
Kent:  You can do a flash of Lausanne in an hour
Kent:  But store then pig
Kent:  It's steep roads up there
Kent:  The old town is one of the better ones in Switzerland

18:25 California time
Dusty: Yeah i got a rain coat, may need an umbrella

18:27 California time
Kent: Nice mittens Ray!  Flash floods on the reservation are exciting! 

18:53 California time
Ray: Hopefully I'm getting all your rain, Dusty!

19:06 Switzerland time 11:06 California time

19:26 Switzerland time 11:26 California time

19:30 Switzerland time 11:30 California time

19:36 Switzerland time 11:36 California time

19:38 Switzerland time 11:38 California time

19:47 Switzerland time 11:47 California time

20:43 Switzerland time 12:43 California time

21:20 Switzerland time 13:20 California time

Dusty: This is much more civilized
Dusty: The smoked salmon and trout mousse appetizer was divine..

Ray: Holy crap!

Ray: Nicely played, Dusty
Ray: - you are truly living the great life!

21:55 Switzerland time 13:55 California time

the short ribs were just average..

I didn't sleep well.
I was clausterphobic in the sarcophagus when the seat was in lie flat, just like the folks on seatguru said...

13:34 Switzerland time 05:34 California time

15:24 Switzerland time 07:24 California time

Approaching Zürich

16:18 Switzerland time

Zürich airport.
The Vuelta de Espana is on the big screen.

16:25 Switzerland time
A very welcome outdoor lounge at Zürich airport.

Ray's pic

16:24 Europe time 07:24 California time
Ray: Happy birthday, Kent! I'm at your old stomping grounds [Flagstaff]

Dusty: Happy Birthday Kent!
Dusty: I must have slept a few hours but lying down in a plane was awkward..
Dusty: waiting for my flight to Geneva

17:36 Europe time 08:36 California time
Kent: Thanks all!  It's been raining here since yesterday
Kent:  We needed it
Kent:  I was going to go shake pillars climbing today, but that will have to wait
Kent:  Hope you all have a great day! 
Kent: Ray, I was going to say Mars hill at first, but now thinking east elden
Kent: Nice!  Dusty!!! Nice!

17:51 Europe time 08:51 California time
Ray: East elden for the win! The rain caused me to be a slug yesterday so I hit my fave flagstaff trail
Ray: Spent the night in dispersed camping off schulz pass road - very peaceful
Ray: Heading home today

17:53 Europe time 08:53 California time
Ray: Too bad about your birthday climb, Kent! I wish you were here and we could have a birthday breakfast at late for the train.

19:13 Europe time 10:13 California time
Kent: I would have loved that
Kent:  A jittery LFT coffee morning!

Hotel Astoria - rates have come down a little, at least partially because they no longer include the fantastic breakfast at the Britannia Pub.
Conveniently located right across the street from Geneva train station.


Wednesday August 18, 2021

Friday August 20, 2021
Grand Saint Bernard