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Saturday August 21, 2021
Lac du Vieux Emosson

Sunday August 22, 2021

Monday August 23, 2021

I decided to take a break Sunday and visit Sion.  Kent and I had visited Sion in 2014 on a Sunday, seeing the Valère basilica when church was in session was pretty cool.

10:11 Switzerland time 02:11 California time

Followed the crowd up the hills towards Valere Basilica.
I've been here at least twice with Kent but have never had to navigate before..

10:20 Switzerland time 02:20 California time

Dusty: There is a new (since 2017) very active zipline between the hills for the Chateau and Valere..
Dusty: The mechanism is quite loud, I found it disturbed my hill climbs
Dusty: Eventually I managed to tune it out and enjoy people enjoying themselves...

10:23 Switzerland time 02:23 California time

On the way up to Valere, I heard music and quickly started recording what turned out to be a high school marching band playing a dress rehearsal up in the Chateau de Tourbillon - AC/DC's Thunderstruck
Unfortunately the iphone microphone barely picked up anything, even cranking the volume to 11 doesn't help much.

It appeared the basilica was closed for restoration..

When i got to the front door of the basilica about 1040 (before I thought services were scheduled to start), the local priest (i guessed) arrived smoking his pipe and chatting up the few folks here in German and French...
One by one I quickly realized the way was shut unless you asked him, then he would wave you inside..
When it came to be my turn he ignored me since I didn't say anything..
Others approached, I believe he told them it was closed since they turned away.
Finally I asked him if he spoke English, I had to repeat myself, then I believe he said it was not possible for me to enter (not sure), then finally he waved me inside.
Inside everything was closed off..
I found the basilica, there were 5 people in 3 groups in absolute silence, and i joined them sitting in the very back row
( everyone else was in back as well)
The father held something out for his 2 sons but i couldnt tell what
I was amazed what real silence sounds like, those walls mist be crazy thick.
I stayed perhaps 10 minutes before another father and 2 young sons showed up, shaking hands with the first group, then father 1 gets out the small container of holy water he was carrying for the new family, they touched it and did some religious thing....
A few minutes later someone else entered, kneeled, acknowledged the congregation of 9, and walked over to the podium and started flipping pages...then the padre walked in, kneeled, and went behind the big curtain..
I then knew showtime was fast approaching and I made my strategic exit..
If there hadn't been only 1 way in and out I might have stayed a while longer, but I didn't need to be more disruptive than I already had.

I kept wondering why the dozens of other people outside hadn't tried a little harder to see Valere

10:47 Switzerland time 02:47 California time

10:47 Switzerland time 02:47 California time

10:47 Switzerland time 02:47 California time

10:48 Switzerland time 02:48 California time

11:06 Switzerland time 03:06 California time

Bought a beer at the cafe between the hills to guzzle on the way up to the Chateau, I trick Kent taught me in 2014

11:19 Switzerland time 03:19 California time

When I was climbing up to the Chateau I saw a couple of teens coming down the trail with instruments, I gave a thumbs up and asked "Thunderstruck?!" After a confused second they smiled, nodded and thanked me..
Dozens of others followed downhill, about half still in uniform and the rest already changed back to street clothes...

11:26 Switzerland time 03:26 California time

11:26 Switzerland time 03:26 California time

12:04 Switzerland time 04:04 California time

12:12 Switzerland time 04:12 California time

12:19 Switzerland time 04:19 California time

They apparently had a big earthquake here in 1946

I made my way back to Martigny

13:20 Switzerland time 05:20 California time

13:33 Switzerland time 05:33 California time

20:36 Europe time 11:36 California time
Dusty: Guy who owns donner box place is my new best friend - he speaks decent English , I'm "California!"  Everyone knows California..
Dusty: much funner to say (and I think less controversial) than "les etas unis" (usa)

Dusty: Also chatted the town drunk since i was carrying my open can of beer on the sidewalk which was a mistake, started hearing in French about too many English in Verbier and maybe too many Americans..
Dusty: Lots more increasingly animated French monologue mentioning "George Bush 1" and later I think "Reagan" in I believe affirmative tones...
Dusty: Had to tell him a few more times "je nes pas parles francais" before finally saying "cheers" and walking off...

13:34 Switzerland time 05:34 California time

14:41 Switzerland time 06:41 California time

14:47 Switzerland time 06:47 California time

14:51 Switzerland time 06:51 California time

14:52 Switzerland time 06:52 California time

15:13 Switzerland time 07:13 California time

Kent:  Zip line between the major features of Sion!  Not sure what I think about that
Kent:  Tourbillon castle made it until the 1700's
Kent:  I would have loved to see it
Kent:  The contemporary drawings of it makes it look very nice.

17:15 Europe time 08:15 California time
Kent: Wow!  That's serious construction in there
Kent: My first solo trip to Switzerland in 2000 I took a guided tour of the Valere
Kent:  I was only one on it
Kent:  They had just completed a major restoration at that time
Kent:  Just 21 years ago...

17:23 Europe time 08:23 California time
Kent: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Octodurus

17:26 Europe time 08:26 California time
Ray: What a great trip, Dusty!

Saturday August 21, 2021
Lac du Vieux Emosson

Sunday August 22, 2021

Monday August 23, 2021