Dusty's Portfolio

Mt St Michel, 2007
It had just finished pouring rain, and the wind was whipping through at better than 20 miles an hour.
Even with a tripod it was a challenge to get a picture in focus.

Mt St Michel, 2007

Carcassonne, France, 2007

Sunflowers in Arles, 2007

Tetons 2006 - Tetons from Oxbow Bend

Old Faithful Inn 2006.  This is a digital composite of over 25 pictures.

Glacier 2006

Italy 2005 - Venice - moon rising over the Church of Giorgio Maggiore from San Marco Piazza.
I took about 15 pictures, holding the camera on a concrete bench, trying to get one picture in focus.

Italy 2005 - Venice - the Bridge of Sighs

Austria 2005 - Mirabell Garden

Austria 2005 - Salzburg

Switzerland 2005 - The Eiger and the Mönch

Italy 2005 - Vernazza

Italy 2005 - Vernazza

Italy 2005 - Manarola - this picture is a digital composite.  It took me a long time to appreciate this picture.

July 2004, Bodie, California, looking east into the mountains

Fleet Week - October 11, 2003
Try taking pictures of planes moving hundreds of mile an hour with a camera with a nearly two second delay.
I was tracking the planes over my shoulder, moving the camera wildly.
How I ever managed to get this shot I'll never know.

Italy 2003 - the Pantheon

Italy 2003 - St Peter's Basilica

Italy 2003 - Sorrento - the view from our hotel room