the Great White files

Thanks to a quick visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on September 18, 2004, I finally have my very own picture of a live Great White taken at virtually no risk to yours truly.  I also discovered how difficult it is to take pictures of moving fish in very low light.  The flash shows every imperfection on the 11" thick acrylic window of the Outer Bay exhibit, and also reflects badly off the surface.

Half Moon Bay

Shark attack at Mavericks Half Moon Bay Review 10/6/2000

the rest of California

Shark attacks surfer off jetties - times-standard.com 11/13/2004

Shark bites surfer -- swimming, wading barred at beaches
sfgate.com 10/11/2004

Dressing up like a shark's lunch can be deadly sfgate.com 10/17/2004

Third shark sighting keeps Pismo on its toes San Luis Obispo Tribune 10/8/2004

Shark attacked him, says surfer San Luis Obispo Tribune 10/3/2004

The sea was life -- and death -- to Randy Fry sfgate.com 9/19/2004

Great white shark puts jaws on display in aquarium tank
Man-eater settles for a salmon dinner -- making history and thrilling researchers
sfgate.com 9/16/2004

Three shark sightings reported in county over weekend San Luis Obispo Tribune 9/22/2003

Shark attack kills diver off Mendocino coast  sfgate.com 8/17/2004

Surfer goes toe-to-toe with shark 
'I thought I was dust,' he says of 5-minute ordeal off Bodega Bay
sfgate.com 5/31/2004

Sharks cruise waters off popular Calif. beach go.com 8/26/2003
3 Minute News Report on San Onofre Shark Sightings August 2003 - worth the wait to download!  Video of great whites taken from helicopters.

Shark sighting prompts beach closure San Luis Obispo Tribune 8/24/2004

4 lifeguards risked all in bid to save shark attack victim sfgate.com 8/21/2003

Shark kills woman in Central Coast attack
50-year-old bitten while swimming among sea lions
sfgate.com 8/20/2003

Elusive great white shark captured
Monterey Bay scientists get better look at mysterious species
sfgate.com 8/2/2003

Shark-attack victim recalls power of bite
'Incredible force' lifted him out of water; friends' presence saved his life
Contra Costa Times 12/4/2002

Quick action saved victim of shark bite 
16-foot great white suspected in attack
sfgate.com 11/30/2002

Great whites travel deeper, farther than thought  sfgate.com  01/03/2002

the rest of North America

Great white shark tagged with data-gathering monitor regains privacy after device detaches sfgate.com 10/15/2004

South Africa

Elderly woman presumed dead after attack by great white shark off South African coast - sfgate.com 11/15/2004

Monster shark rips teen to death - Independent News and Media South Africa 9/12/2003

Teenager survives shark attack Independent News and Media South Africa 8/8/2003

Muizenberg bathers flee Great White invasion Independent News and Media South Africa 12/23/2002

Shark chomps lifesaver's surfski Independent News and Media South Africa 9/13/2002

Great White 'bares teeth' at Cape kayakers Independent News and Media South Africa 7/12/2002


SHARK VICTIM REMAINS FOUND Special Broadcasting Services 12/17/2004