Friday January 8, 2021

Peter Mel rides a 40' barrel at Mavericks, many calling this the best wave ever ridden at Mavericks.

Saturday January 2, 2021
18 year old Luca Padua gets a huge wave at :42
Kai Lenny does two 360s on the face of Mavericks 2:17


Shortly after we arrived at Mavericks we saw a small wave surge over the breakwater.
The clowns in charge of the contest had placed interlocked crowd control fencing at the foot of the bluff in a futile attempt to keep people from climbing the bluff. 
I soon determined I did not want to be standing in the potential path of a wave, trapped in a crowd and fenced in. 
I lead the kids over the fence a few feet up the bluff minutes before news was made. 
Fortunately CJ was taking video with Robby's camera, pointed in just the right direction, at just the right time.

After the first big wave came through I decided to try to help. 
I told the kids to stay put on the bluff while I started disassembling and stacking the fence sections that had ironically trapped people in the danger zone and no doubt indirectly lead to injuries. 
There were even several sections of fence on the beach facing Mavericks.
I had visions of fencing being dragged across the reef doing damage, or worse yet dragged into the ocean, so I ventured out cautiously and brought back the few remaining sections.
At some point I was on the bluff watching the crowd of stranglers wander in from the beach when second big wave broke. 
My feet were about 6 feet off the beach level and they got wet. 
This wave caused more injuries.

CJ's video later appeared on TruTV's Top 20 Most Shocking: Summer Blowouts Season 3
We're #7 in the list at around 27:45
You can see me very briefly a couple of times in other people's footage.


Back when the contest was called Men Who Ride Mountains.

Back when there were no clowns trying to keep people off their beach and out of their park during the contest.


Carlos Burle is on the left - he surfed a 68' wave here in 2002, the largest anywhere in the world that year