Heavenly at Lake Tahoe January 2005

We got a screamin' deal on two nights at Caesar's on January 28 & 29, 2005, so we drove up to Tahoe Friday afternoon for two days at Heavenly.  The kids went to ski school on Saturday, and Kent and Rita drove up from the place in Reno and skied with us Saturday.  Sunday Kent and Rita went home.  The Ketchums skied together for a while Sunday morning, then Dusty took CJ up the mountain.  CJ skied every major blue run on the California side of Heavenly, while Robby and Kathy had fun on Mombo, Groove, Patsy's, and Maggies (map)

The Ketchums on Mombo

Don't recall which run this was...

Dusty, Kent, Rita, & Kathy at the top of Dipper Express in Nevada - Lake Tahoe obscured by clouds.  Saturday clouds came from the southeast, shrouding the Nevada side in clouds that looked like low fog.

Kent (standing, center) in Mott Canyon (double diamond, Nevada side) after a tree run