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Saturday August 4, 2018

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Monday August 6, 2018

Planning on a very easy day exploring downtown Anchorage, expecting rain today
Hoping for better weather tomorrow and an overnight trip down to Homer, about 4h drive each way
Kathy is determining maybe she doesn't need to move here after all.
Wildlife seen yesterday - salmon

10:00 Alaska time 11:00 California time

10:33 Alaska time 11:33 California time

Cook Inlet - looking northwest from Resolution Park

10:33 Alaska time 11:33 California time

Resolution Park

10:42 Alaska time 11:42 California time
I didn't know it at the time, but The Antique Gallery would be the best thing i saw today..

Dusty: antique store!  I never go in them, but i had to check this one out
Dusty:  Looked like it has every old unwanted hierloom anyone ever inherited in Alaska..
Dusty: amazing guns, scrimshaw, russian orthodox stuff, you name it...was more interesting than museums and probably had much more valuable stuff

10:47 Alaska time 11:47 California time

10:50 Alaska time 11:50 California time

11:03 Alaska time 12:03 California time

11:30 Alaska time 12:30 California time

Went into the Federal building to see the museum
By far the best exhibit was the diorama showing you Happy Camp:
washing dishes away from the stream
haning food from a tree (which almost never works)

11:30 Alaska time 12:30 California time

and Camp Oh-No!
drinking budweiser instead of real beer
washing dishes in the stream
leaving food out for bears
camping right next to the stream
hiking off trail

11:38 Alaska time 12:38 California time

11:42 Alaska time 12:42 California time

Kathy went back to the room for a nap while I went to the highly rated museum.

11:58 Alaska time 12:58 California time

12:12 Alaska time 13:12 California time

I even got there when the daily tour was starting.
The tour guide knew her stuff, but her delivery was not great.
Honestly the museum's presentation is poor.
There are very few signs describing anything - you're expected to manipulate the one ipad attached to each exhibit to see what everything is.

12:13 Alaska time 13:13 California time

12:24 Alaska time 13:24 California time

12:29 Alaska time 13:29 California time

12:29 Alaska time 13:29 California time

12:34 Alaska time 13:34 California time

12:38 Alaska time 13:38 California time

12:38 Alaska time 13:38 California time

12:42 Alaska time 13:42 California time

We napped the rest of the afternoon, then went to Glacier Brewhouse for dinner

17:33 Alaska time 18:33 California time

17:45 Alaska time 18:45 California time
Ray: 20 people dead in plane crash in Swiss alps - some kind of vintage plane sightseeing tour
Ray: Our Alaska flightseeing tour was on a vintage plane...

18:15 Alaska time 19:15 California time
Dusty: that junker was in Where Eagles Dare!
Dusty: Watched that with my family about 10yrs ago

18:17 Alaska time 19:17 California time
Dusty: Halibut special at Glacier Brewhouse..
Dusty: absolutely fantastic..
Dusty: i was going to order salmon..
Dusty: slow lazy day today..
Dusty: planning on Homer tomorrow...

18:19 Alaska time 19:19 California time
Paul: Nice! I had halibut myself tonight at a work dinner in La Jolla
Paul: Alaska sounds more fun, but the halibut is good here too!

17:34 Alaska time 18:34 California time

After dinner we walked the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail about 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back.

19:01 Alaska time 20:01 California time

19:43 Alaska time 20:43 California time

19:09 Alaska time 20:09 California time
Ray: I love the book Where Eagles Dare
Ray: Movie's damned good

19:17 Alaska time 20:17 California time
Ray: Captain Cook hotel (where I stayed with kids,) is a one minute walk away from you, Dusty.

19:17 Alaska time 20:17 California time
Ray: Me and kids walked one night to the "beach," which as you saw is a vast mud bog.

20:15 Alaska time 21:15 California time
Dusty: We've walked by it twice today..
Dusty: just got back to hotel after walk along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail (trail south along the railroad tracks and quicksand beach)

20:19 Alaska time 21:19 California time
Dusty: Out of the 47 or so 'things to see' in Anchorage according to TripAdvisor, we must have seen about 15 just walking around downtown...

20:22 Alaska time 21:22 California time
Ray: Yeah, and you've probably seen a few homeless and likely meth-heads, too
Ray: The museum is worth it, if you have time tomorrow
Ray: Me and kids were bored one day so we drove to Flattop Mountain, which was bitchin
Ray: The drive from Anchorage to Seward was stunning.

20:31 Alaska time 21:31 California time
Dusty: Not too many homeless but some
Dusty:   The homeless in the Bay Area and az are winning on the darwin scale - they won't freeze to death in 5 months.

20:32 Alaska time 21:32 California time
Dusty: I did the museum, kathy skipped it
Dusty:  I got there at noon when tour was starting ..
Dusty: was not very impressed
Dusty:  The kids area in the first floor was more entertaining

20:33 Alaska time 21:33 California time
Dusty: Our cruise ship leaves from Seward, we do that drive next Sunday on tour bus I think

20:35 Alaska time 21:35 California time
Dusty: We've got plenty of time, not enough sunlight

20:35 Alaska time 21:35 California time
Dusty: All cloudy with rain always threatening but never delivering

20:38 Alaska time 21:38 California time
Dusty: Did the museum at the federal building, got there just in time for the only daily showing of 15m film about alaska railroad
Dusty: Kathy about fell asleep, I enjoyed it of course since it is all history and what red blooded american boy doesn't love trains?

Meanwhile Kent skates around Avenches and Murten Switzerland

20:49 Alaska time 21:49 California time
Kent: Nice Dusty!  Glad it's not raining on you!  Trains are awesome!  Skated about 25km last night to Avenches to see what Roman stuff they have
Kent: Not a lot (city was quarried until the 19th century) but some
Kent:  Coliseum was larger than Pompeii and some stone pieces re-used in old churches
Kent:  Went in evening so it wouldn't be too hot
Kent:  A good call

20:53 Alaska time 21:53 California time
Dusty: Sweet!  Paul and Jed, isn't that where you went?

20:59 Alaska time 21:59 California time
Kent: Murten

21:00 Alaska time 22:00 California time
Ray: Lovely town, beautiful day!

02:11 Alaska time 03:11 California time
Paul: Ahhhh Murten
Paul: That's where Jed was carted off by the pterodactyl to be regurgitated for its babies

02:13 Alaska time 03:13 California time
Paul: I thought I recognized those columns
Paul: Jed and I biked out there
Paul: Wasn't there a lot of traffic to dodge on the skateboard? We avoided traffic somewhat on the dirt farm roads

02:16 Alaska time 03:16 California time
Kent: I followed an official Swiss skate path
Kent:  It was zero traffic
Kent:  Those roads with no shoulders scare me, even though the Swiss are very good drivers.

02:17 Alaska time 03:17 California time
Kent: It's designed for rollerbladers, but same same 

02:18 Alaska time 03:18 California time
Kent: Not much out there, but what remains is compelling

02:19 Alaska time 03:19 California time
Paul: Interesting
Paul: I think we must have followed that same route by bike along the lake, but we somehow got into the traffic past the lake and into Avanches

02:19 Alaska time 03:19 California time
Paul: Did you see the coliseum in the town itself? Looked pretty cool but we could not go in since they were setting it up for a concert

02:23 Alaska time 03:23 California time
Paul: There was more Roman stuff than we had time for there- they had a map showing a route to 20 sites or so
Paul: I thought it was cool seeing some of them with nobody else there

02:26 Alaska time 03:26 California time
Kent: It was a great evening skate out there
Kent:  Had it all to myself
Kent:  Sunday eve

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