Dewey Point Yosemite
on July 4th Weekend 2020

Friday July 3, 2020
El Granada to Dewey Point

Saturday July 4, 2020
Dewey Point

Sunday July 5, 2020
Dewey Point to El Granada

2020/07/04 06:09
It was quite chilly when we woke up..

2020/07/04 06:10

2020/07/04 07:09

2020/07/04 07:51

2020/07/04 08:50

08:51 California time
Dusty: Sunlight hitting the cold water pouring over yosemite falls, creating a cloud

08:52 California time
Dusty: Bone dry here otherwise
Dusty:  I left the rain gear in the car and did not put up the rain fly

09:03 California time
Dusty: I've seen alot of awesome places and things and this kinda takes my breath away...
Dusty:  the cloud is growing, making the valley even more amazing, as if that were possible
Dusty:  Girl walked up to the edge 30m ago and said she was going to cry when she saw the view, so of course she had to livestream to her parents on speakerphone
Dusty:  Very crowded and a mile from water (we're about out, trip to refill coming shortly), but I won't complain.

09:31 California time
Kent: Awesome Dusty!  Enjoy the time!  Cool to do it with your son
Kent:  :)

2020/07/04 08:55

PANO - scroll right
2020/07/04 08:55

2020/07/04 08:57

PANO - scroll right
2020/07/04 08:58

2020/07/04 12:14

11:30 California time
Paul: You staying there two nights? I read that there are a couple of other points near you with less people

11:30 California time
Paul: Added a few hiking miles at the end of the run
Paul: Done for the day!

11:34 California time
Dusty: We may wander over to the other 2 points later
Dusty:  closest one is 0.6 miles and pretty easy, farther one is another mile and 500' vertical hiking, much less likely
Dusty:  We're back from water refill - 25m each way plus pumping time
Dusty:  Got a new tiny purifier that is awesome..
Dusty: This spot is pretty much perfection other than the crowds, hard to improve on perfection.

11:35 California time
Dusty: But we're not moving the tent

The best time of day to photograph El Cap is around 1230pm, you can see the most features.
After 1230pm the shadows quickly wash out.
If you stare at El Cap long enough, you'll notice the the bottom half is much more stark than the top half.

2020/07/04 13:00

2020/07/04 13:19

Robby reading

2020/07/04 14:59

15:00 California time
Dusty: He proposed, she said yes
Dusty:  Robby and I applauded.

15:02 California time
Dusty: He set up the camera on a tripod first to get it on video
Dusty:  He got down on one knee but i wasn't fast enough with the camera to capture that.

15:04 California time
Ray: Aww

15:14 California time
Dusty:  Most folks are out day hiking now, I'm getting sunburnt doing nothing and Robby is reading "the final days" by Woodward and Bernstien

2020/07/04 16:28

18:50 California time
Dusty: Nice Ranger came by, asked to check my permit, then very nicely told me we'd have to move..
Dusty: You have to be 100' from the trail, and the entire point is considered part of the trail
Dusty: Also anywhere near a cliff is bad cause bears learn to roll bear boxes off the cliff the open them, although the official rules don't say that..
Dusty: Robby found us a great spot nearby though, we moved with about 45m and carried the tent intact...

19:48 California time
Ray: Where is antifa when you need them
Ray: So much for whose national park, our national park

2020/07/04 16:28

2020/07/04 17:26

2020/07/04 20:21

2020/07/04 20:22

2020/07/04 20:23

2020/07/04 20:24

Friday July 3, 2020
El Granada to Dewey Point

Saturday July 4, 2020
Dewey Point

Sunday July 5, 2020
Dewey Point to El Granada