Mammoth Lakes 2020


Tuesday August 25, 2020
El Granada to Coldwater Creek

Wednesday August 26, 2020
Gentian Meadow

08:10 California time
Paul: Dusty, did you ultimately decide to go up to mammoth?

08:12 California time
Dusty: Leaving in 5m
Dusty:   Webcams show it is gorgeous up there
Dusty:  I timed it just right!  Unfortunately nobody else is coming..

Paul's picture

08:47 California time
Paul: Those mountains in the haze are Sequoia
Paul: It's a marginal improvement over the last couple of days
Paul: We've not been impacted by the smoke thus far since we've been hanging at our river and cabin
Paul: Heading to Sequoia tomorrow and Yosemite on Thursday

09:15 California time
Kent: "No excursion can be made into the Sierra that may not prove an enduring blessing." - John Muir

09:18 California time
Paul: Dusty, how are you getting over Tioga pass? I had heard that if you did not show up for the first day of your Yosemite reservation that they cancelled it

13:25 California time
Ray: About to have lunch in Sellwood neighborhood
Ray: The weather here is perfect - 73 and sunny
Ray: It is 109 in Tempe with elevated ozone levels
Ray: Looks like our spate extreme heat ends when I get home
Ray: Boo yah.

14:04 California time
Dusty: Arrived Mammoth Lakes
Dusty:  Recreation.gov made it almost impossible to find the free passes to get into the park today since it is the nat park service's birthday, so i was able to get passes for us last weekend to come up today
Dusty:  Nobody else came up
Dusty:  Yosemite valleys looks awful, from Ohmsted point you can barely see half dome
Dusty:  Tenaya Lake is smoke free or nearly smoke free, and tuolumne Meadows is entirely smoke free from what i can tell
Dusty:  Paul if you are still going to Yosemite strongly recommend day trips to the high country with swimsuits - probably 90m each way driving.

14:05 California time
Dusty: Mammoth lakes visibility isn't great but nowhere near as bad as the other side of the mountains.

14:11 California time
Ray: Take a photo.

2020/08/25 14:50

Coldwater Creek campground site 004.
Right next to the main road, but only visible from one other site right across the road.
Unless somone is driving up the road, it feels pretty secluded.
You can always hear the creek...

2020/08/25 15:31

Road and the campsite across the road.

2020/08/25 16:02

Site 004 is behind the Host's flag, you can't see it well from the road.

2020/08/25 16:09

After I set up camp I walked down to Lake Mary

2020/08/25 16:14

2020/08/25 16:14

2020/08/25 16:15

2020/08/25 16:15

Dusty: No lte at campsite, weak lte at lake mary
Dusty: Cabins here have $10m or $100m views of Lake Mary..
Dusty: no parking signs everywhere, you may not block anyones view of the lake
Dusty:  Breezy, my baseball cap flew into the road, was barely saved from being runover..
Dusty: on the kids razor scooter which has been mine for 10-15y
Dusty: Breeze from the north blew out the light haze of smoke, clear now
Dusty:  Hopefully my tent is still on place

17:25 California time
Paul: Boys at Slick Rock State Park Paul:
17:43 California time
Dusty: Nice Paul!


2020/08/25 19:07

Dusty: There's no service at the campsite and 2 bars that dont work at the lake
Dusty:  Drove into town to send texts and call in dinner
Dusty:  Called about 8 places that didn't pick up before the mexican place Kent and Jed and i went to answered, i placed an order
Dusty:  Got there and it was a zoo
Dusty:   Have food, now parked by the side of the road texting
Dusty:  Only 3-1/2 miles to campsite from mammoth but it is a slow windy mountain road.

18:09 California time
Dusty: Either return home Saturday or spend night in motel and hike the high trail sunday
Dusty:  I may do iceberg lake but I won't go up further alone, too meow meow

18:12 California time
Ray: Meow
Ray: I am in a hotel room and will transfer to 3 days of camping starting tomorrow
Ray: I got an unexpected upgrade on the rental car - new red Crosstrek
Ray: Fancier than Amy's, even
Ray: Gonna put some miles on it and see some of Oregon's mountains
Ray: I'm unsure of cell service where I'm going
Ray: Flying home Sunday afternoon

18:13 California time
Ray: I was sad to leave Annabelle but am very excited for
Ray: We had a great trip together.

18:17 California time
Ray: About to go on my favorite jog up path along Willamette River
Ray: This place is amazing
Ray: I missed the Gangs of Portland clash on Saturday, I guess

18:17 California time
Paul: Seems super clear at Mammoth? Good stuff!

18:18 California time
Dusty: Yeah once past ohmsted point it was good or great the whole way
Dusty:   Wind blew out what was left of the haze

18:22 California time
Dusty: Some cancellations at the campground
Dusty: Yosemite was almost empty but smokey as hell until past ohmsted point, then it cleared up quickly
Dusty: Perhaps a little haze at tenaya lake but not much, certainly worth hanging out for the day
Dusty: Tuolumne was totally clear and nothis open
Dusty: The few people up there get it all to themselves.


Tuesday August 25, 2020
El Granada to Coldwater Creek

Wednesday August 26, 2020
Gentian Meadow