Mammoth Lakes 2020

Tuesday August 25, 2020
El Granada to Coldwater Creek

Wednesday August 26, 2020
Gentian Meadow

Thursday August 27, 2020
Lake Mary

I drove over to Lake Mary to investigate the possibility of getting a lakeside campsite.
The hosts told me they make the rounds at 745am daily, and the morning's first come first served campsites become available then.
I asked if they had lines of cars in the morning waiting for a spot, they said it does happen.
I decided to wake up early Thursday to drive over and park and wait for a spot.

Meanwhile, I decided to hike up the trail Coldwater Creek to see what I could find.
I'd seen plenty of vehicle traffic on the road, there had to be something worthwhile up this mountain.

2020/08/26 13:01

Eventually I wandered into Gentian Meadow.  I stayed a while and had lunch.

The trail continued another mile or so up the mountain to Sky Meadows, but I decided this one would do.

2020/08/26 13:33

2020/08/26 13:38

Gentian Meadow

13:52 California time
Kent: Nice Dusty!  Enjoy!  Nice to have those stores in mammoth!  No guarantees at public campgrounds, close to places like mammoth

13:52 California time
Ray: almost to Eugene
Ray: Heading to Diamond Lake campground, still 2 hrs to after Eugene
Ray: Explored salem's walmart & drug store

13:52 California time
Kent: Nice! My mom is worried for you and Annabelle being in riot central Oregon

14:05 California time
Dusty: Looked at lake mary campground, 2-3 first come first served lakefront spots open up tomorrow (they are maxed out at 14 days)
Dusty:  Crowded, but lakefront and pretty awesome
Dusty:  Talked with the host, they do rounds at 730am to see who is leaving, parking in line as early as 6 or 630 is a reasonable play.

Spending the afternoon at Gentian Meadow
Dusty:  I have lte here
Dusty: And beer!

14:16 California time
Dusty: Kinda pleasant here
Dusty:   Seriously considering staying until Labor Day

14:45 California time
Ray: unfortunately it is much hazier here than where you are, dusty
Ray: I am on something called the volcanic legacy scenic by way but so far it is not very scenic

14:46 California time
Dusty: Scenic is always relative unfortunately

14:52 California time
Kent: Bend Oregon is nice and has a lot of great microbreweries
Kent:  The town is a lot like flagstaff, but w water
Kent:  I like the coast too
I'm sure the Sierra is magic....

14:53 California time
Dusty: No cows or glaciers or alps, I've got a to settle for bears (not seen on this trip) and occasional snow and meadows..
Dusty: I'll take it...

15:09 California time
Ray: Just arrived at campground
Ray: It's a good spot, but the ranger said visibility will be shit tomorrow for the hike I want (mt thielsen) and he suggested hikes to waterfalls instead "unless you just want to challenge yourself." Duh.

15:10 California time
Dusty: I don't need to challenge myself right now
Dusty:  Finding a new mountain lake or viewpoint each day from my car is plenty without heroics of carrying a pack.

15:16 California time
Ray: Heh
Ray: I'm settling in for 2 wonderful days, 1,000 miles from all of my problems
Ray: Life is good
Ray: How'd we all get the same week off?

2020/08/26 15:45

Looking up the trail toward Gentian Meadow

2020/08/26 15:46

Looking down the trail toward Emerald Lake

2020/08/26 15:49

Emerald Lake

2020/08/26 15:51

Emerald Lake and Mammoth Mountain

2020/08/26 16:03

Emerald Lake

2020/08/26 16:09

2020/08/26 16:34

Back at my campsite

2020/08/26 17:59

2020/08/26 18:24

2020/08/26 19:19

After dinner a black bear wandered around the edge of my camp, right in back of my tent!
I got a few pictures and a little video before he wandered across Coldwater Creek.

Tuesday August 25, 2020
El Granada to Coldwater Creek

Wednesday August 26, 2020
Gentian Meadow

Thursday August 27, 2020
Lake Mary