Mammoth Lakes 2020

Friday August 28, 2020
Lake Mary

Saturday August 29, 2020
Mammoth Crest

Sunday August 30, 2020
Mammoth Lakes

Paul: Got up early and hiked up a few miles of the Upper Falls Trail
Paul: Really buggy and the haze came back a bit unfortunately- but still a great hike

Kent: That trail is wild
Kent:  I traversed onto the face once in 2010 to start the 5.7 aquamist
Kent:  Ledge was crazy terrifyingly exposed
Kent:  Got to a place where I needed to traverse without gear and gigantic exposure
Kent:  Waterfall was raging too
Kent:  I bailed
Kent:  Spooky
Kent:  Unforgettable!
Kent: The 3:30am skateboard ride from the campground in pitch dark quiet was very memorable too
Kent:  All the glowing eyes from my headlamp were not bears but they were in my mind! 

Paul: It's felt practically empty here in Yosemite the last two days but on my way back down the falls trail I probably passed 50 people on the way up
Paul: Can't imagine how packed that trail must get when the falls are going, there's no smoke haze.
Paul: I'm really liking the Yosemite Valley Lodge
Paul: Rooms are nothing special, but are fairly large with nice balconies
Paul: The restaurant is actually quite good and the common areas are great - they consist of meandering forested paths and well designed sitting areas beneath forest canopies between the structures

Kent: I had a raccoon slide the screen door and come in from my 2nd floor balcony there
Kent:  Andrew was 3 months old
Kent:  Raccoon backed away from the baby and left when I began screaming
Kent:  Duper nice there
Kent:  Was surprised how easy it was for him to slide the screen open
Kent:  Best place to eat in the valley too IMO

Saturday morning the sky was crystal clear.
I'd already decided I should go on a big hike today, and the clear skies reinforced that decision.

2020/08/29 07:28

Lake Mary

2020/08/29 10:02

Lake George is almost as pretty as Lake Mary - from the east, looking north and west

2020/08/29 10:14

Lake Barrett from the north.

2020/08/29 10:37

in back of T J Lake

2020/08/29 10:37

T J Lake

2020/08/29 11:06

South end of T J Lake, looking north to Crystal Crag and Mammoth Mountain.
I've already caught the best light of the day for pictures here.
I stayed about half an hour at T J Lake, then decided to continue hiking up Mammoth Crest.
I could stay here all day, but the sun starts to go behind the Crest soon.

2020/08/29 11:23
T J Lake from the north

2020/08/29 11:53
There was a steady line of hikers on the trail up to Crystal Lake.

2020/08/29 12:14

2020/08/29 12:16
Lake George and Lake Mary

2020/08/29 12:46

Once I got above the turnoff to Crystal Lake there were almost no other hikers, I was pleasantly almost alone again.
This was my first view of the Minarets on this trip.

2020/08/29 13:02

2020/08/29 13:14

Twin Lakes, Lake Mamie, Lake Mary, Lake George, and Crystal Lake

2020/08/29 13:15

PANO - scroll right

2020/08/29 13:25

Finally I got to the crest!
The view was awesome, but I still couldn't see the Minarets clearly.
I decided to hike further north for a better view.
This is looking south along the Crest.

2020/08/29 13:50

The Minarets, Mammoth Mountain, and McLead Lake
This is as far north as I went.

2020/08/29 13:52

PANO - scroll right

The Minarets, Mammoth Mountain, and McLead Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Twin Lakes, Lake Mamie, and Lake Mary.

2020/08/29 13:54

White Mountains in the distance across Owen Valley.

2020/08/29 15:16

After an all too brief 90 minutes on top of Mammoth Crest, I decided it was time to head back down.
Heading south back to the trail down to Lake George.

2020/08/29 15:19

2020/08/29 15:19

2020/08/29 15:24

2020/08/29 15:27

Back at the trail.

2020/08/29 15:29

Looking west into the San Joaquin river valley.
Six days later this exploded into a the hellscape known as the Creek Fire.

2020/08/29 15:30

2020/08/29 15:37

2020/08/29 15:38

2020/08/29 15:43

2020/08/29 16:15

2020/08/29 16:55

An awesome adventure on a great day!

Friday August 28, 2020
Lake Mary

Saturday August 29, 2020
Mammoth Crest

Sunday August 30, 2020
Mammoth Lakes