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Thursday morning I took the trains from Martigny to Lauterbrunnen.  Yes,the trains near Interlaken were packed.

810 Martigy PL 3 853 Visp platform 5

IC8 813 Direction Romanshorn
857 Visp platform 4 923 Spiez Platform 4

IC61 961 Direction Interlaken Ost
934 Spiez Platform 1 958 Interlaken Ost, Platform 7

R155 Direction Lauterbrunnen
1005 Interlaken Ost, Platform 2A 1025 Lauterbrunnen

- rented a hardtail mountain bike at Imboden Bike
I had decided a mountain bike was better for this area.
Imboden Bike wanted a deposit to reserve a bike, so I didn't bother to reserve, hoping that they'd have plenty.
They did.

- discovered that the funicular we rode up from Lauterbrunnen to in 2005 was replaced with a cablecar...
- took the cablecar and train to Mürren,
- left my backpack in a corner of the dining room at Hotel Alpina since my room wasn't ready yet, and
- wandered the town with my bike

12:22 Switzerland time 04:22 California time

12:39 Switzerland time 04:39 California time

12:47 Switzerland time 04:47 California time

12:48 Switzerland time 04:48 California time

13:15 Switzerland time 05:15 California time

I found a very pleasant spot to watch paragliders take off at the south end of Mürren and watched in wonder....

13:38 Switzerland time 05:38 California time

PANO - scroll right

13:55 Switzerland time 05:55 California time

PANO - scroll right
You can see a paraglider take off in the left side of this picture, then you can see the same paraglider on the right side of the pano.
All the paragliders seemed to take the same route.

My room

14:51 Switzerland time 06:51 California time

My room

14:51 Switzerland time 06:51 California time

View from my room

Now drinking a Nordwand Brau Pale Ale 3970 on my balcony

Ray: Are you eating your rosti now, Dusty? Good day?

16:45 Europe time 07:45 California time
Dusty: I have tried to generally eat as much French food as possible while near France, knowing I'd have plenty of time for rosti and pizza and other stuff later...
Dusty: So no, no rosti yet
Dusty: Had the perch again last night wolfed it down this time.

16:50 Europe time 07:50 California time
Dusty: Greetings from Mürren..
Dusty: I've only been here once 16 years ago, that is a mistake...

Dusty: Spent 90 minutes in gorgeous sunny weather waiting for my room to be ready on the Mürren Gimmelhorn border watching paragliders take off
Dusty: Sun is now behind clouds that are forming on Shilthorn, it cooled off instantly without the sun ...

16:55 Europe time 07:55 California time
Kent: I had forgotten you can see all three mountains from there.

16:56 Europe time 07:56 California time
Paul: Damn
Paul: Those are great pics from Mürren! I've stayed in Wengen for a few days, but was only in Mürren for an hour or so - rented a mountain bike in Interlocken, rode up the valley, took the gondolas up to Mürren and came down the mountain too fast!! Don't even recall the view from Mürren other than two pics I got from the bike ride up there

16:57 Europe time 07:57 California time
Dusty: I remembered, incorrectly, that you couldn't see the Monch from Mürren..
Dusty: it gets somewhat hidden as you go up the valley

17:00 Europe time 08:00 California time
Dusty: I tortured my family in 2005 trying to do at least twice as much stuff as we should have on that trip...
Dusty: the kids just hung out in the pool here for 2 days...
Dusty: I'd forgotten that we were here for 2 days, I vaguely remembered our hike

17:02 Europe time 08:02 California time
Kent: I tried to climb the monch..
Kent: too windy, but fit myself in position
Kent:  If you spend the $ to go up, the hike to the hut in col between eiger and Monch is very cool and easy / flat snowcat track
Kent:  30 minutes each way

17:05 Europe time 08:05 California time
Dusty: If I don't get any more gorgeous sunny weather i will be disappointed, but those 90m were absolute heaven and everyone up here knew it
Dusty: Bike is so key, easy ride to other end of town, also took pics of all the menus ...
Dusty: Everyone else is huffing and puffing uphill, and honestly wasting their time cause the view could not get any better....

Dusty: I may go up if the weather holds, I'm assuming I'll bike tomorrow..
Dusty: Google weather shows 4 days of rain up here, but local weather does not...
Dusty: google weather is crap

17:12 Europe time 08:12 California time
Kent: I remember enjoying the chocolate shakes after dinner in that region a lot

17:55 Switzerland time 09:55 California time

17:55 Switzerland time 09:55 California time

I rode around Mürren taking pictures of menus, trying to find a nice restaurant.
Finally I found the only 4 star hotel and restaurant in town that is open, the Hotel Eiger
The menu was a cut above anything else in town.

18:42 Switzerland time 10:42 California time

Salad with honey and balsamic

19:08 Switzerland time 11:08 California time

19:21 Europe time 10:21 California time
Dusty: Tonight's edition of food porn from the Hotel Eiger:
Dusty: Grilled reindeer with a pesto crust in Armagnac sauce with spaetzli, red cabbage, brussel sprouts, and a red pear..
Dusty:  very tender and yummy...

19:22 Europe time 10:22 California time
Paul: Grilled Ewok.

19:30 Europe time 10:30 California time
Kent: Eiger bird.

19:42 Europe time 10:42 California time
Dusty: Ewok with pesto crust is yummy

19:43 Europe time 10:43 California time
Dusty: They also have venison, duck, and a couple of other yummies...
Dusty: I'll be back..
Dusty: esp since every other restaurant menu up here is nearly identical and not exciting

19:47 Europe time 10:47 California time
Dusty: Love watching the clouds form in front of me in the mountains, and I've got nothing but that to watch..

Dusty: TV in Martigny said "you don't get the channel playing the Vuelta" since it is a premium channel ..
Dusty: TV in Murren is playing last years Vuelta, I believe to rub it in and force you to buy the premium channel with this year's Vuelta....

19:54 Europe time 10:54 California time
Kent: I suppose a good ride might be to Grindelwald
Kent:  Another if cloudy would be down to interlaken
Kent: Then perimeter one of the lakes would be pleasant

19:59 Europe time 10:59 California time
Kent: Trummelbach falls is pretty cool
Kent:  Waterfalls inside the mountain
Kent:  That's real close to Lauterbrunnen
Kent:  :)

20:01 Europe time 11:01 California time
Paul: I liked those falls
Paul: Maybe not a high priority if it's sunny out, but would be a great activity when it's not nice out.

20:29 Europe time 11:29 California time
Kent: In 2000, I adventure hiked behind murren
Kent:  Climbed some fun things, and eventually came upon a huge cave
Kent:  In it, was a large wood box containing lots of sport climbing stuff
Kent:  All unlocked
Kent:  (This was 2000 and way before any guiding would be done at that skill level ) I looked up and there were about 20 incredibly overhanging 100ft+ sport climbs
Kent:  I doubt anything easier than 5.12
Kent:  Almost all still had quickdraws hanging on them
Kent:  Neat place and view to sport climb at

20:32 Europe time 11:32 California time
Ray: Neat
Ray: Too bad no one was up there at that time to get you on those routes
Ray: On food: You ate Rudolph?

20:40 Europe time 11:40 California time
Dusty: In Martigny the bike room has windows so anyone walking by can see your several $1k rental bike..
Dusty: I asked if there was a place I could use that wasn't visible from the street, and got a lecture about how basically Switzerland is perfect, everyone has everything they need, just like Florida on tv in our country
Dusty:  I assured her that there are plenty of not so great places in Florida and that tv is not always what it seems
Dusty:  I've actually thought about what she said alot, it seemed arrogant if not comically out of touch...
Dusty: ie how many countries can be Switzerland?   Does your country look the other way when you launder Nazi gold, or does your country actually try to be good?? 
Dusty: Here my bike is stored outside under the deck, though out of site from tourists....I've got a tiny cable lock on it to discourage amateurs thieves.

Dusty: Rudolph was yummy
Dusty: Tomorrow night, Donald
Dusty: The next night, Bambi.

21:21 Europe time 12:21 California time
Kent: There were several hundred $ with of gear in that cave unlocked and available to anyone who wanted it
Kent:  Once, I left my wallet on a counter in geneva fast food indian place
Kent:  I ran back over an hour later and it was still there
Kent:  In same spot
Kent:  I'm sure a hundred people were within grabbing distance if it
Kent:  It's different there

21:27 Europe time 12:27 California time
Paul: Jed got to experience first hand when I left all my cash and passport in Swiss hotel lobby overnight due to being "overserved"
Paul: The hotel receptionist just shook her head at me when the elevator door opened at 10AM and I stumbled out to see if she'd found it

23:52 Europe time 14:52 California time
Ray: I'm still amazed at that emergency cabin we sheltered in - that thing would be stripped to the support beams in a week in AZ

23:53 Europe time 14:53 California time
Ray: Meanwhile in Italy, as an Italian told me, there isn't just motorcycle theft, there's a motorcycle theft industry
Ray: Same goes for bicycles, I assume.

02:11 Europe time 17:11 California time
Kent: The best kind of climber
Kent:  (See movie preview)
Kent:  Oh, and he crosses up the fusion mixed ice tools I helped create
Kent:  :)


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