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Thursday August 26, 2021

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Kleine Scheidegg

08:51 Switzerland time 00:51 California time

Cold in the mountains!  Had to turn on the radiator in the room last night!

Woke up to lots clouds and cold...

After breakfast and a latish (850am train) start, 3 trains and a gondola to Grindelwald


Huge gondola complex in Grindelwald.
They brag about saving 45 minutes off the time it takes you to get up the mountain with the new gondola.
The cost was a large ugly new lift right in front of the Eiger that does not belong there.

I started cycling up in long sleeves and cold in the mostly cloudy weather.
I waited too long to switch to something lighter, so I ended up cold and sweaty, which then made me even colder....
Eventually I settled into 'just cold', not freezing...

I had nice views of Grindelwald the whole time, but the Eiger was always in the clouds..

10:18 Switzerland time 02:18 California time

10:44 Switzerland time 02:44 California time

10:45 Switzerland time 02:45 California time

11:46 Switzerland time 03:46 California time

11:59 Switzerland time 03:59 California time

1750 meters

12:25 Switzerland time 04:25 California time

13:11 Switzerland time 05:11 California time

At the top i was rewarded with fantastic views of Lauterbrunnen valley in the sun!
Got plenty of pics, and the sun disappeared as i was headed down the mountain
Did not eat on the mountain, too cold...

I was very very tempted to take the gondola down the Wengen since it was sunny and i knew I'd been in the shade and chilly the whole way down to Grindelwald...
but I rode back down to Grindelwald to properly complete my ride..

13:14 Switzerland time 05:14 California time

13:17 Switzerland time 05:17 California time

PANO - scroll right

13:18 Switzerland time 05:18 California time

13:18 Switzerland time 05:18 California time

13:44 Switzerland time 05:44 California time

13:45 Switzerland time 05:45 California time

PANO - scroll right

14:46 Switzerland time 06:46 California time

15:09 Switzerland time 07:09 California time

15:10 Switzerland time 07:10 California time

18:41 Switzerland time 10:41 California time

Duck breast with black cherry sauce, tagliatelle and stuffed zucchini

20:13 Europe time 11:13 California time
Kent: Nice Dusty!  My first climb in Europe was hiking to grindelwald from wengen over the mannlichen in 1991
Kent:  It was a closed trail in may
Kent:  Was the thing that hooked me on hiking in Europe

20:20 Europe time 11:20 California time
Kent: Remember our hike from klein to wengen in 2005?  That was more painful than I expected

01:37 Europe time 16:37 California time
Ray: Did it taste like Donald or Daffy? Good stories!

06:20 Europe time 21:20 California time
Dusty: Klien to wengen hike?  Barely
Dusty: That was a long day
Dusty: I'm considering riding down that...
Dusty: probably done with any serious uphill here
Dusty: The road from Grindelwald to Klein Schieidigg is the same as Grindelwald, turnoff is a gravel road maybe 500m below the top.
[turned out that wasn't true, there is a more direct route up from Grindelwald to Klein Schieidigg, but neither route is fully paved]
Dusty: if it was sunny i might have done Klein Schieidigg too on the same day, but Klein Schieidigg was socked in, Mannlichen much nicer today...
Dusty: Hell just the hour of train rides each way to Grindelwald alone seems like a bit much, esp when you see the massive horrible new lift in Grindelwald and the tour buses and crowds all lined up for it..
Dusty: fortunately i turned the other way and bravely ran away like sir robin, almost zero people or traffic on my ride....

Dusty: Donald tasted like black cherry sauce.

Thursday August 26, 2021

Friday August 27, 2021

Saturday August 28, 2021
Kleine Scheidegg