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Wednesday September 8, 2021
Alp Anarosa

Thursday September 9, 2021

Friday September 10, 2021

I got up latish, at least for me, and ate my included breakfast.
Rick Steves raves about the lifts up Piz Nair from St Moritz and says they are the sole reason to stay in St Moritz instead of Pontresina, but Corvatsch is almost 300m higher and is much closer to Piz Bernina...
I don't think Rick has been up Corvatsch or he would have written about it...
I caught the bus to Corvatsch

09:39 Switzerland time 01:39 California time

09:44 Switzerland time 01:44 California time

PANO - scroll right

I should have been here earlier, but I was kinda beat and moving a little slowly this morning.
The clouds were just starting to shroud the summits when I arrived..
Piz Bernina 4048m is the summit with the most clouds to the southwest across the clouded valley
Piz Murtel 3433m is the summit in the middle of the frame closest to me and the lift.
Piz Corvatsch 3451m is hidden by Piz Murtel

15:13 Europe time 06:13 California time
Dusty: Pretty overcast everywhere this morning, midpoint of Corvatsch lift is 2700m elevation and it was just under the clouds, Corvatsch 3300m was nice above the clouds, had about 45m before the clouds covered Corvatsch and the view was gone...
Dusty: i would have hung out all day if the view was cloudless to wait for better lighting for pics of Piz Bernina

Dusty: You were right, Kent, that isn't a bad pic of biancograt on Monday, it has taken me 3 days to figure out where it was...
Dusty: even with swisstopo I couldn't figure out what i was looking at..

Kent's annotation, note blue line above Biancograt

(Kent didn't sent the annotation picture below until today, though I linked to it on Monday when I took the picture)

Kent:  https://www.summitpost.org/biancograt/329975

15:34 Europe time 06:34 California time
Kent: The Biancograt is regarded as one of the best alpine routes in Europe
Kent:  It's a snow ridge that goes nearly to the top
Kent:  The white way
Kent:  When on it, apparently its steep ridge and sky are the only features you see for several hundred meters
Kent:  Everybody raves about that section.

17:01 Europe time 08:01 California time
Kent: It's this one
Kent:  It looks fantastic

09:48 Switzerland time 01:48 California time

PANO - scroll right

The road to the left goes to Lake Como

09:50 Switzerland time 01:50 California time

PANO - scroll right

09:56 Switzerland time 01:56 California time

09:58 Switzerland time 01:58 California time

10:01 Switzerland time 02:01 California time

10:06 Switzerland time 02:06 California time

10:08 Switzerland time 02:08 California time

10:35 Switzerland time 02:35 California time

I got amybe 45 minutes of sun before the clouds took over.
I bought a hot chocolate (6chf, a bargain) to try to wait out the clouds for a little while before giving up and heading back to my room.

11:29 Switzerland time 03:29 California time

13:54 Switzerland time 05:54 California time

13:54 Switzerland time 05:54 California time

Surely you can't be serious...

14:12 Switzerland time 06:12 California time

yummy yummy doner box....
The Kebab Shop at Plazza da Scoula 10 is about the only fast food in town.

14:12 Switzerland time 06:12 California time

view from my room.
my room cost around half what any other room in the area costs, so I'm not complaining.

18:08 Switzerland time 10:08 California time

The schoolhouse and main square in St Moritz

18:46 Switzerland time 10:46 California time

18:59 Switzerland time 10:59 California time

back to La Stalla for dinner again :)

18:29 Europe time 09:29 California time
Ray: What's for dinner tonight?

18:30 Europe time 09:30 California time
Dusty: Donner box for lunch
Dusty:  Calzone is on the way for dinner
Dusty:  How about you?

19:26 Europe time 10:26 California time
Ray: What is that, an organ donor box? I'm gonna have an acai bowl for lunch

19:45 Europe time 10:45 California time
Dusty: August 13, 2015, the day I discovered the magic of donner box!


Dusty: The one in Germany 2015 cost 4.50 euros, today was 12 chf..

19:47 Europe time 10:47 California time
Paul: Ah yes
Paul: Great paddle day with a surprise "trip" to Germany and topped of with people begging us to drink tons of free beer
Paul: Good day

19:47 Europe time 10:47 California time
Dusty: One of the best..

19:55 Europe time 10:55 California time
Paul: I didn't remember that the kayak guy forgot the seat backs to the kayaks
Paul: Borderline criminal neglect, but a fun paddle anyway

20:00 Europe time 11:00 California time
Dusty: I had no clue about that
Dusty:  I do remember that clown wanting to give us 2 kayaks for 3 people....

20:04 Europe time 11:04 California time
Paul: That's why I'm lying down in half the pics! Back hurts from the lack of the seat backs!! And because lying down was pleasant of course

20:24 Europe time 11:24 California time
Dusty: I am not a kayak expert like my son
Dusty: I am pretty much the exact opposite
Dusty: I know they are supposed to float and not be attacked by great whites
Dusty: But that does explain why you were on your back the entire trip.

Wednesday September 8, 2021
Alp Anarosa

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