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Thursday September 9, 2021

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Saturday September 11, 2021
Davos Platz

I really loved St Moritz.
I loved Berninapass, I loved Piz Bernina, I loved Corvatsch, I loved Alp Anarosa, I loved the Glacier Express....
I had one more goal left - Flüelapass
two days in Davos, a day in Zurich, then home!

With a pang of regret I left St Moritz for Davos

08:40 Switzerland time 00:40 California time

The underground escalator between St Moritz and the parking lot / train station had a number of pictures.
For Kent  - Biancograt :)

I took the 90 minute train to Davos.
I bought a ticket for Davos Dorf, not comprehending that my hotel was near the other station Davos Platz, and that various towns named Davos stretch along this entire valley...
I bought the 2.50 chf ticket between Davos Dorf and Davos Platz in case the efficient Swiss railway caught me... but of course they didn't.

Despite the infamous economic summit with the same name, Davos struck me as way off the tourist map, I was in deep in Switzerland off the beaten path.
The only other time I'd felt like that on this trip when I arrived in town was Oberwald...

I found my hotel.
They had emailed me shortly before I left and offered to upgrade my room for 50 chf / night.
I had accepted.
I spent the last 4 nights with a view of a fire escape, this was much nicer.

Looking southwest towards Filisur.
This is Davos Platz.
Every town in this valley is "Davos" something...

Today's goal and the only ride left on my list for this trip - Flüelapass 2383m, the 22nd highest paved road in the Alps

Dusty: Forecast said 4h of sun on Flüelapass today, 0h of sun tomorrow and rain...

16:11 Europe time 07:11 California time
Dusty: Rented a full suspension mountain bike at bike-academy.ch - they have stores in both Davos Platz and Davos Dorf.
Dusty: Could not find anyone in Davos who rents road bikes (it is challenging many places to rent a road bike but I've never been skunked before)
Dusty: It probably would have made more sense to bike this from St Moritz since its 90m each way by train, but I didn't think of that until today
Dusty: I didn't put too much effort into Davos logistics since theres only 1 last climb i want to do here, and I figured the odds of still being upright and cycling 3 weeks into the trip weren't stellar.
(it did eliminate 3h of train travel to move to Davos for this climb)

My full suspension mountain bike is comically heavier and wider than a road bike, or even a hardtail mountain bike.
I felt like a circus clown on this thing on pavement as I started up the road to Davos Dorf then Flüelapass.

11:41 Switzerland time 03:41 California time

Davosersee and the Intercontinental

11:41 Switzerland time 03:41 California time


12:17 Switzerland time 04:17 California time

12:53 Switzerland time 04:53 California time

12:56 Switzerland time 04:56 California time

13:01 Switzerland time 05:01 California time

I began to lose sunlight as I climbed higher.
I took lots of pics from this spot because there was some color on the hillside.

By this time I had noticed I had a lot of floaties in my left eye.
I've always had floaties occasionally, but never anywhere near this many.
I was a little concerned, but I kept cycling...

13:03 Switzerland time 05:03 California time

13:17 Switzerland time 05:17 California time

13:38 Switzerland time 05:38 California time

13:50 Switzerland time 05:50 California time

14:03 Switzerland time 06:03 California time

By the time I got to the top,
1) I had way too many floaties in my left eye.  It was starting to impact my vision, this was not good.
2) It looked like it could start raining any time now.

As usual, I bought a coke and a snickers.
I took quick pics of the pass, I didn't worry too much about making them pretty cause nothing was gonna look very nice in these clouds.
It started to sprinkle, and I moved with purpose to get my butt off that mountain before it rained...

14:04 Switzerland time 06:04 California time

14:04 Switzerland time 06:04 California time

14:04 Switzerland time 06:04 California time

14:16 Switzerland time 06:16 California time

14:44 Switzerland time 06:44 California time

PANO - scroll right

Back in Davos Dorf, pano looking from west toward Davos Platz, north, then east

I wandered up and down Promenade
The only place with proper rain cover was Cioccolino at Promenade 45

17:41 Switzerland time 09:41 California time

Farmer salad (cheese and bacon)

Bacon makes a salad seriously yummy...

17:59 Switzerland time 09:59 California time


17:36 Europe time 08:36 California time
Dusty: Light rain now, but I've found a place to eat under a canopy outside
Dusty: Other than the clouds esp in Muerren, I think this is the worst weather I've had...

17:38 Europe time 08:38 California time
Paul: You saying your current weather is the worst of the trip, or that the overall weather on this trip is the worst of your Alp trips?

17:55 Europe time 08:55 California time
Dusty: This trip silly
Dusty: Pretty sure you were there for a couple of days that are forever seared in my brain


Dusty: I've only gotten a real downpour riding once, but I won't forget that either ... (ok, there was the time I nearly froze to death)

18:46 Europe time 09:46 California time
Dusty: Somebody's was playing a flute up the street, i see a sign "musikschule davos"...
Dusty: i can see 2 people at the window, somebody is pretty damn good...

We graduated from light to real rain, then no rain ....

Thursday September 9, 2021

Friday September 10, 2021

Saturday September 11, 2021
Davos Platz