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Saturday September 11, 2021
Davos Platz

Sunday September 12, 2021

Monday September 13, 2021
El Granada

Paul's Pic

Paul's Pic

Paul's Pic

03:37 Europe time 18:37 California time
Paul: Quick camping trip up to the San Diego hills
Paul: This campground usually has some cool waterfalls that kids can splash around in, but dry in late Summer
Paul: Got up to 90 today (normal would be a high of 76), but not bad in the shade, and it's down to low 80s at 6:30P and should fall to 60 tonight

05:21 Europe time 20:21 California time
Ray: That looks like a nice outdoor playground for the kids
Ray: You're not looking at your phone in bed, are you, Dusty? How is your eye?

05:26 Europe time 20:26 California time
Dusty: Eye is not worse, which is all I'm asking for right now
Dusty: Lots of floaties.

05:27 Europe time 20:27 California time
Ray: I just got back from Camelback
Ray: ASU is playing San Diego State and I saw some fireworks on the way home

05:28 Europe time 20:28 California time
Ray: I have floaties all the time
Ray: Did you have them before? (Don't reply if it strains your eye - you better be careful!)

Dusty: I've had floaties occasionally all my life, not like this though - 100x as much, then 1000s of tiny (barely visible) dark spots which I assume were blood in my eye
Dusty: I will try to avoid surfing the web nonstop...
Dusty: but doing nothing for 2 weeks won't be easy
Dusty: Bad eye can't see squat now, hopefully brain learns to ignore it for a while.

05:36 Europe time 20:36 California time
Ray: I went through much of junior year in high school with one contact lens - your brain should adapt
Ray: But I read that eyes heal quickly so you'll probably be seeing decently soon
Ray: Speaking of surfing, is it the same eye you injured while surfing Ross' Cove?

05:42 Europe time 20:42 California time
Dusty: only surfed Ross' Cove once or twice (scary enough)
Dusty: My biggest surfing injury was in Pacifica, nailed with fin of my own board on top of my head while underwater, nearly knocked me out...
Dusty: lots of blood, quick ER trip
And a few stitches, only afterwards did i realize that the ER doc hadn't even asked me about concussion or symptoms (though he did tell me not to surf for a week for concussion related reasons without getting into it)
Dusty: That was 2 days after 9/11, 20y ago tomorrow
Dusty: I also rolled an ankle another time stepping off the board...

05:43 Europe time 20:43 California time
Dusty: I do remember a bad black eye surfing now, don't remember where i got it

05:43 Europe time 20:43 California time
Dusty: Different eye

05:45 Europe time 20:45 California time
Dusty: I read it can take weeks / months for eyes to recover from this stuff, and sometimes you never regain your previous vision
Dusty: Opthamologist said you're generally ok as long as retina doesn't detach / tear in the center of vision (eye) that sounds really really bad

07:25 Europe time 22:25 California time
Ray: Mike had something like that and they held the retina in with a nitrogen bubble
Ray: I remember a photo of your eye filled with blood from a surfing endo
Ray: 10-12 years ago?

08:51 Europe time 23:51 California time
Dusty: I haven't surfed in 10-12y, probably closer to 15-20

06:33 Switzerland time 22:33 California time

My last morning in the Alps... wah!!!!
I'd been in Switzerland so long all of this was now my new normal...

I reluntantly started my journey home, taking the 3h train to Zurich...

09:59 Switzerland time 01:59 California time

10:05 Switzerland time 02:05 California time

12:20 Switzerland time 04:20 California time

My room at the Hotel Adler was ready...

12:21 Switzerland time 04:21 California time

Once I got to the room I collapsed for a while and tried to take it easy.
Easier said than done.

Dusty: In Zurich doing very little other than waiting for 7am flight to Frankfurt tomorrow...
Dusty: eye is about the same

15:10 Europe time 06:10 California time
Ray:  no sightseeing today! your legs need a rest anyway.

15:12 Europe time 06:12 California time
Kent: Monza gp just started
Kent:  Everybody in Italy, and probably most in Switzerland should be watching now.

15:16 Europe time 06:16 California time
Dusty: I'm in the heart of Zurich, right in the middle of Rick Steves walk
Dusty:  I'll check out thr nearby church, none of the rest of it sounds compelling

Coming into a real city was a bit of an unwelcome shock
Dusty:  Where are my alps????!!!!  Wah!

Dusty: I saw 2 races on tv already finish in the hour or so, just found what appears to be formula 1 so that must be it...
Dusty: No clue what race I'm watching in Italian, in English I could probably verify that i was watching the right race..

15:18 Europe time 06:18 California time
Dusty: Hotel Adler - second time I've used Agonda cause it was cheaper, i was sure something would go wrong but no problemo....

15:19 Europe time 06:19 California time
Dusty: Legs are ok
Dusty: Brain and eye are a bit fried

15:19 Europe time 06:19 California time
Kent: You observed f2 and f3 races likely
Kent:  Those are the warm ups for the main event
Kent:  The f1 race
Kent:  This season is as good as a close Tdf, except stages are separated by a week

15:20 Europe time 06:20 California time
Dusty: Different cars, they weren't anything like f1 cars, more like porsches

15:24 Europe time 06:24 California time
Kent: Oh
Kent: Maybe prime the pump
Kent:  Monza is live now
Kent:  I woke up at 7 to watch it

15:25 Europe time 06:25 California time
Dusty: I saw the name Hamilton, pretty sure I'm watching it...
Dusty: but it's still all in Italian :)

15:27 Europe time 06:27 California time
Dusty: Funny how I'll watch German mash reruns when thats the only thing on tv I recognize (few days ago)

Dusty: I can remember eye floaters from my very earliest childhood, it seemed nobody knew what i was talking about and everyone thought i was crazy

15:43 Europe time 06:43 California time
Kent: Was just like the 2 leaders of Tdf taking each other out of the race
Kent:  F1 history right there.

15:45 Europe time 06:45 California time
Dusty: I know enough about f1 to recognize the other name, wasnt he claiming a few weeks ago Hamilton took him out?
Dusty: This looks like Verstappens fault on replay, quite a walk of shame the way i see it

15:46 Europe time 06:46 California time
Dusty: Missed the actual incident but sure as hell heard the excited Italian and turned to look right after

15:46 Europe time 06:46 California time
Kent: You got that 100% wrong
Kent:  You must give a car width if car is beside
Kent:  :)

15:47 Europe time 06:47 California time
Ray: Maybe today should be your heaviest drinking day.

15:48 Europe time 06:48 California time
Kent: Hamilton has been at fault both crashes
Kent:  He's got big $$$$ Mercedes drive and has won 7 world championships
Kent:  Fighting with max Verstappen for it this year
Kent:  Closest race in over a decade.

15:49 Europe time 06:49 California time
Dusty: It would be except the eye, believe me
Dusty:  I have 2 beers in the room I brought with from Davos, im sipping one slowly...
Dusty:  if i drink too early I'm an even bigger mess than usual
Dusty: Goes to show how little i know about racing

15:53 Europe time 06:53 California time
Kent: It's as ruley as any euro sport like the Tdf
Kent:  Have nice last night!   I like to see the sunset the last day but g-loading your eye may not be a good idea!

15:55 Europe time 06:55 California time
Paul: Wakey wakey

15:56 Europe time 06:56 California time
Ray: Love the desert in the morning.

15:57 Europe time 06:57 California time
Paul: Glorious
Paul: More so because I can now get the boys to do a ton of the camp tear down

16:00 Europe time 07:00 California time
Dusty: Alps were beautiful for first 90+ min of train, clouds along the mountains, lake Zurich was cloudy....I've had sun breakthrough a few times.

I am literally a sun worshipper
Dusty:  If the sun is not out, i will not have a good day, it is pretty much as simple as that
Dusty:  This trip has been in pursuit of sunny alps....

Dusty: This is camping in Davos - paying 20chf / night to park your van in the hotel parking lot...
Dusty: you get access to the lobby bar :)

16:33 Europe time 07:33 California time
Ray: That would be an interesting way to go
Ray: Were there many RVs on the mountain passes?

16:35 Europe time 07:35 California time
Kent: Friend of mine rented an rv with his friends and followed the Tdf for a week
Kent:  He ripped the roof off of it with a low branch and rest of trip sounded horrible after that.

16:40 Europe time 07:40 California time
Kent: Daniel Ricardo won
Kent:  He's known for the spectacle of drinking champagne from his used driver boot while on the podium.

17:11 Europe time 08:11 California time
Paul: Probably not technically a desert in these mountains (4K-6k ft) but parts are quite desert-like

17:13 Europe time 08:13 California time
Ray: Ripping the roof off of an RV would be a frustrating problem
Ray: Paul, it's not going to be 108 there today, is it?

Paul's Pic

17:17 Europe time 08:17 California time
Paul: Supposed to be 89 today in the mtns, but we're already packed up and at out breakfast place before the drive back down to the coast

17:18 Europe time 08:18 California time
Paul: Place was a pharmacy built in 1886 for a little mining town
Paul: It's our go-to.

17:21 Europe time 08:21 California time
Dusty: Engadine (st moritz and davos area) was absolutely full of small RVs and vans with bikes hanging off the back...
Dusty: all up and down the mountains....

After the race I decided to try to find some of the closest local attractions that Rick Steves mentions, I've never been in Zurich before other than to fly in or out...

I wandered along the nearby River and tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to see sights mentioned by Rick Steves.
That was ok.
I tried.
I can get back to Zurich pretty easily, and even if I don't, its only a city.
Most cities are pretty similar, except for their fine art.

I was ok.
Not ideal, but I was careful and didn't feel like I was endangering what was left of my vision.

16:24 Switzerland time 08:24 California time

View from my room...

16:24 Switzerland time 08:24 California time

View from my room.
I found dinner without having to use tripadvisor or walk a single step.
Tapas, one of the yummiest meals imaginable, right across street.
I used to fairly regularly search out tapas, but I've almost given up since it seems it is so hard to find good tapas..

16:51 Switzerland time 08:51 California time

16:52 Switzerland time 08:52 California time

16:58 Switzerland time 08:58 California time

17:24 Switzerland time 09:24 California time

Finally I sat down to dinner at Casco Viejo Tapas

17:30 Europe time 08:30 California time
Dusty: Foie planca, spanish version of foie gras...
Dusty: amazing.....

17:34 Switzerland time 09:34 California time

You know I'm off my game when I don't remember exactly what I ordered.
Some sort of fish on the left - nice, but nowhere near as good as the foie gras.

17:52 Switzerland time 09:52 California time

18:48 Europe time 09:48 California time
Ray: #NotSwitzerland: It's 93 now, temperature rising several degrees per hour
Ray: Hot wind blowing across the parking lot of Back East Bagels, so you know it's going to be a scorcher today
Ray: I'm waiting for Sophie while she makes her weekly bagel run, leaving the car on because the battery was dead this morning.

Saturday September 11, 2021
Davos Platz

Sunday September 12, 2021

Monday September 13, 2021
El Granada