Switzerland 2021

Sunday September 12, 2021

Monday September 13, 2021
El Granada

05:21 Switzerland time 21:21 California time

I hustled to catch the first train to the airport at like 420am (with 5m to spare)

Last stop: Zurich Flughafen

Line to check in was not very long, but it wasn't very fast either.
The line grew in back of me, I'm glad I wasn't on the second train, though I'm sure that would have been fine.

Bought some orange juice and a chocolate croissant.
Enjoyed them so much I got a second orange juice and a second chocolate croissant.

I caught the Swiss 710am flight to Frankfurt.

09:01 Switzerland time 01:01 California time

My 747!

09:04 Switzerland time 01:04 California time

My self service lunch before my 747 ride.

I had a seat in the back of the plane where the plane is in a 2-4-2 configuration for a couple of rows.
When the doors closed, there were a few rows of seats in the middle that were empty.
I asked the flight attendant, he said I was free to move.
I grabbed an aisle seat in the middle row.
My seat mate in my old seat asked if I wanted the aisle, he was willing to take it so I could keep my window seat.
I let him have the aisle, he had two seats out of the four in the middle
I then had my window seat and his aisle seat next to me.
Not quite as nice as having all four middle seats, the flight was too full for that, but having a second seat in economy for a 10+ hour flight is a lifesaver.

I got pictures of many of the volcanos on the west coast

Glacier Peak in the center, Mount Baker in the upper right
I'm roughly over Chelan, Washington, looking northwest.

Mount Adams and Mount Rainier

Mount Hood

Mount Shasta

Crystal Springs

Background, from the right
Linda Mar state beach
Montara Mountain
Moss Beach
Half Moon Bay Airport
Pillar Point
El Granada
Half Moon Bay

21:58 Europe time 12:58 California time
Dusty: Landed sfo
Dusty:  Trip overish
Dusty:  Watched 2nd half of Eiger Sanction ...
Dusty: someday we all gotta go to Switzerland! :)

21:59 Europe time 12:59 California time
Ray: next year is 10th anniversary
Ray: Welcome home, Dusty! Glad you're back safe and sound

Sunday September 12, 2021

Monday September 13, 2021
El Granada