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04:53 Alaska time 05:53 California time
Kent: Last day [in Switzerland]
Kent:  Got locker in Thun and skated to Interlaken
Kent:  Was a beautiful 3 hour skate!  I'm on train back now
Kent:  Won't leave for Geneva until 4pm
Kent:  I'm doing Dusty's hotel plan in and out of Geneva
Kent:  Got Astoria for 95
Kent:  I'm sure I'll be pretty drunk by the the time I get to that hotel
Kent:  :)

04:54 Alaska time 05:54 California time
Ray: good plan!

04:54 Alaska time 05:54 California time
Kent: It's the only one that works well

Unfortunately Kent never sent pictures from his skate!

View from our room.

View from our room.

A cruise ship came in overnight

Our room is behind the word "SeaLion" in the SeaLion Art sign.

Kathy's pic

Driving back toward Homer on the spit

Mt Iliamna

Mt Redoubt


Kathy went back to the car to wait for me to take pictures... then I saw two bald eagles fly by!
Not a great picture...

Mt Iliamna from Ninilchik Alaska


Transfiguration of Our Lord Chapel
Russian Orthodox
Ninilchik Alaska

13:49 Alaska time 14:49 California time
Kent: Winding down my last night in Europe for a while
Kent:  I had a great time
Kent:  When my kids are on vaca with their mom, these trips have been a great thing for me
Kent:  Today, my last day, I skated over 30km from Thun to Interlaken and it was great
Kent:  Then took long slow train to Geneva
Kent:  Drinking wine in the British beer bar at Geneve hotel now
Kent:  11:45pm
Kent:  I should be flying home in 12 hours

15:04 Alaska time 16:04 California time
Kent:  I left my wallet in a kebab place here two years ago for over an hour
Kent:  Went back in a panic
Kent:  There it was on the counter
Kent:  Untouched
Kent:  Now I always carry backup $ source but I was spooked from that!

15:09 Alaska time 16:09 California time
Paul: You may remember that when Jed and I went to Murten in 2015 I left my passport and entire wallet in the deserted lobby overnight in a drunken stupor
Paul: Someone turned it in to the receptionist...
Paul: Only a couple of minutes of panic since I had no idea it was missing until 10AM the next morning

15:09 Alaska time 16:09 California time
Ray: Scary! Meanwhile, I leave a shitty old motorcycle helmet unlocked in Spain for an hour, and a gas station attendant steals it.

15:10 Alaska time 16:10 California time
Paul: Steals?? Wasn't he saving your ass and keeping the next guy from actually stealing it?

15:14 Alaska time 16:14 California time
Ray: I honestly don't think he would have said anything if I hadn't have confronted him
Ray: He never came out of the store as I stood there for a couple of minutes looking around and thinking about what it would be like to ride 100km without a helmet.

15:17 Alaska time 16:17 California time
Paul: He probably figured you would find it obvious to go into the gas station first thing to ask about it
Paul: But then, he does not know you
Paul: You get lost in parking garages for Christ's sake.

15:19 Alaska time 16:19 California time
Dusty: Eating popcorn, enjoying this show

15:22 Alaska time 16:22 California time
Kent: I've done drunken stupor a few nights
Kent:  Especially at end of this trip
Kent:  I can see leaving almost anything....
My situation - I bet over 100 people saw my wallet and nobody picked it up! 

15:24 Alaska time 16:24 California time
Dusty: Yeah I suspect there's alot less petty crime in Switzerland

15:28 Alaska time 16:28 California time
Kent: The Astor hotel has AC!  My only hotel in this trip
Kent:  16 nights!  Love this cool air!

15:31 Alaska time 16:31 California time
Dusty: Now Paul, Ray's only gotten lost in one parking garage ..
Dusty: that we know of ....

15:35 Alaska time 16:35 California time
Kent: Yes!  AC is good
Kent:  When I left the mountains, all my rooms had fans..
Kent: not the same
Kent:  I had room on 3rd floor in thun last night w no elevator
Kent:  Pig still weighs over 40lbs...

15:37 Alaska time 16:37 California time
Dusty: Yeah the heat chased me out of Locana IT back into the mountains pretty quickly

15:41 Alaska time 16:41 California time
Dusty: Kathy and I just got back to Anchorage from Homer
Dusty: Was sunny down south, but rainy up here..
Dusty: again...
Dusty: may get better weather over the next few days
Dusty: Kathy's parents fly in tomorrow afternoon,Thursday we take train to Denali, Friday we take bus tour of Denali
Dusty: Friday and Saturday most important days  for good weather

15:42 Alaska time 16:42 California time
Dusty: I saw a couple of bald eagles at the Russian Orthodox church, Kathy was already back at the car and missed them..
Dusty: she missed the otter as well...

15:44 Alaska time 16:44 California time
Dusty: Considering the road parallels the ocean for like 40 miles or so, there were very few places to get a good view of it
Dusty:  All trees and or private land

Back in rainy Anchorage, Kathy and I went to 49th State Brewing.
It was fine, but not quite as good as Glacier Brewhouse

Spruce Force
Mosaic IPA
The Farmhand, the Brewer and the Cooper
Fieldwork Saison
Oak, Smoke, and Mirrors

Alaskan seafood chowder
Fresh king salmon, Kachemak Bay halibut and baby clams

Parmesan and Asiago Crusted Halibut
Fillet of fresh Kachemak Bay halibut topped with a mix of Parmesan and Asiago cheese served with lemon butter sauce, garlic smashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


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