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Friday August 27, 2021

Saturday August 28, 2021
Kleine Scheidegg

Sunday August 29, 2021

Dusty: I had tentatively planned on Kleine Sheidigg or even Jungfraujoch as long as it wasn't totally socked in, and it wasn't all morning..
Dusty: but then I realized Schilthorn was above all the clouds - barely- and much easier for me to get to, and my half fare card also worked, so roundtrip costs is that same as KS from Murren 45chf or so...
Dusty: but then after breakfast Schilthorn was swallowed in the clouds...
Dusty: so back to plan A, KS watching the Eiger....

10:22 Switzerland time 02:22 California time

11:03 Switzerland time 03:03 California time

11:11 Switzerland time 03:11 California time

11:22 Switzerland time 03:22 California time

11:27 Switzerland time 03:27 California time

Dusty: it is chilly but no breeze...
Dusty: i also considered Jungfraujoch since it was also clear and above the clouds this morning, but i could see the clouds catch up to jungfraujoch from the train...

I have 'the' spot on the hill from the movie Eiger Sanction, where Jonathan stands when they first arrive in KS right after he leaves Miles in the desert
watching the clouds dance in front of the Eiger...i watched nearly all the tourists get off the train in Wengen in disbelief..
hello, its very cloudy here, and less cloudy in other places?!

I had hopes the winds would clear the clouds from in front of the Eiger  but it didn't happen
Dusty:  I got some nice shots though, not complaining
Dusty:  I bike my ass off to experience what i can get for a train ride here - cowbells and clouds in the alps.

Dusty: I brought up my own beer and toblerone dark and settled for that for lunch
Dusty: The one lunch place that appeared to be open was inside dining only

15:47 Europe time 06:47 California time
Kent: You're limping Ben..
Kent: a day in the alps!  Did you get a veal sausage at KS?  That place is special
Kent:  Lucky.

15:49 Europe time 06:49 California time
Ray: "Yeah, jet setters, assorted zombies, come here to watch a climb
Ray: If they're lucky, they get to see a man die on the mountain."

15:50 Europe time 06:50 California time
Ray: Dusty falls into the jet setter set and maybe is an assorted zombie, but only at midnight.

15:50 Europe time 06:50 California time
Kent: That Norwand story is unfortunate, but that mtn is called the eiger for a reason

15:53 Europe time 06:53 California time
Ray: Amy watched the last half of the Eiger with me a couple of weeks ago, starting with the George scene I can never turn off once it's on.

15:55 Europe time 06:55 California time
Dusty: I brought up my own beer and toblerone dark
and settled for that for lunch
Dusty:  The one lunch place that appeared to be open was inside dining only which i am avoiding almost entirely...
Dusty: ill eat breakfast inside in the hotel, but away from everyone else and I'll skip it if crowded...

15:59 Europe time 06:59 California time
Dusty: Assorted zombies is a great name for a band

Dusty: Why am i not a zombie 24h a day and only at midnight?  I protest!

15:59 Europe time 06:59 California time
Kent: I really looked into climbing it (mittallegi ridge) It's really a giant fin and that route follws the left ridge
Kent:  a famous ridge climb
Kent:  Recommended to me by a euro bd athlete
Kent:  descend the side facing Murren (loose)
Kent:  Problem for me was approach to hut on ridge is real climbing
Kent:  One step of limestone 5.6ish technical crux of whole route
Kent:  It would start by getting off train at Eisner station
Kent:  The one where Ben your limping is
Kent:  Very committing from the get go

16:01 Europe time 07:01 California time
Dusty: I watched the first half of the movie on the plane over...

16:01 Europe time 07:01 California time
Kent: I wonder if Eastwood's climbing scene at start of training is on lady mountain
Kent:  I think it may be
Kent:  Where he knocks the Boulder off.

16:07 Europe time 07:07 California time
Dusty: I just realized today they sell a 3 day unlimited pass for the entire area (except Schilthorn of course) including Jungfraujoch for 129chf with half fare card, I should have bought that..
Dusty: jungfraujoch alone from Murren is that much round trip half fare

16:08 Europe time 07:08 California time
Dusty: Roundtrip to KS or Grindelwald from Muerren is around 45chf

16:11 Europe time 07:11 California time
Kent: Interesting
Kent:  I paid like 35 in 1995 for 1 way ks to grindelwald
Kent:  They know they've got you when you are up there

16:17 Europe time 07:17 California time
Dusty: Those prices were all w my half fare card

16:18 Europe time 07:18 California time
Dusty: The trains on the valley floor are cheap, and Muerren is cheapish, but KS not so much

16:21 Europe time 07:21 California time
Kent: Yea, that area is "cheap" compared to valais imo
Kent:  I've always noticed that
Kent:  Around 25% less

12:14 Switzerland time 04:14 California time

12:31 Switzerland time 04:31 California time

Dusty: Sign on the front door of the venerable Hotel Belevue says "hotel guests only" (i think) in German
Dusty:  You have to look closely to see any lights inside at all, it appears to be closed

Dusty: the front patio of the Hotel Bellevue is open for business, barely
Dusty:  I watched one party get served drinks as it started to sleet a little..

Dusty:  Same sign if you try to walk out back - i did anyway, stopped and turned around when i saw the staff (3 guys) having lunch out back (long before they saw me, or cared im sure)
Dusty:  There is a back patio, same sign
Dusty:  Sad

12:31 Switzerland time 04:31 California time

12:52 Switzerland time 04:52 California time

13:04 Switzerland time 05:04 California time

13:40 Switzerland time 05:40 California time

13:58 Switzerland time 05:58 California time

14:00 Switzerland time 06:00 California time

Finally I decided the weather wasn't likely to get any better, after a few hours I was a bit chilly so I headed back to Murren


16:16 Switzerland time 08:16 California time

16:25 Switzerland time 08:25 California time

16:26 Switzerland time 08:26 California time

18:54 Switzerland time 10:54 California time

Dusty: Duo de terrine de foie de canard aux truffes noirs faite maison et de terrine aux figues at champagne, servi avec gelee aux vin de porto servie avec poire vin rouge epice
Dusty: Duck liver wirh black truffle, figs, champagne, port wine jelly and a red wine pear
Yum, yum, yum.

19:17 Switzerland time 11:17 California time

Dusty: Veal cordon blue stuffed with ham, cantadou and mushrooms with fries and seasonal vegetables..
Dusty: oh my god yum.....
I have a new favorite cheese that I'd never heard of before....

19:53 Europe time 10:53 California time
Kent: Wow!  Awesome Dusty!  The food ain't too bad on the German side
Kent:  Ray, it was the start of Lady mountain!

20:14 Europe time 11:14 California time
Kent: Kind of neat
Kent:  https://mymodernmet.com/vermeer-dresden-painting-restoration

20:26 Europe time 11:26 California time
Jed: There's a documentary about a modern day fella that believes Vermeer used an mirror device to create his painting
Jed: He builds his own device and recreates Vermeer's to prove his idea
Jed: It's an interesting watch

20:41 Europe time 11:41 California time
Dusty: That is awesome!  I think I've only seen 1 Vermeer...


20:04 Switzerland time 12:04 California time

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