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Saturday August 28, 2021
Kleine Scheidegg

Sunday August 29, 2021

Monday August 30, 2021

I rode the lift up to the Schilthorn earlish today - made the gondola that arrived up top just before 9am..

Schilthorn the sight where much of On Her Majesty's Secret Service was filmed, they still make a huge deal out of it here.
The movie helped finish construction of the Schilthorn.

15:00 Europe time 06:00 California time
Dusty: Happy Birthday Michael Webber!

15:01 Europe time 06:01 California time
Ray: Ditto! Happy birthday, Mike! When are we going to have a party at your new house?

07:19 Switzerland time 23:19 California time

View from my room, with a new dusting of snow

08:51 Switzerland time 00:51 California time

08:55 Switzerland time 00:55 California time

08:57 Switzerland time 00:57 California time

09:04 Switzerland time 01:04 California time

Dusty: I had 10 minutes of sun before high clouds (visible in the background here) took over again for the day..
Dusty: I typically rush to take pictures knowing the sun can disappear at any moment, but I didn't rush quite fast enough this time.
Dusty:  It rained in Muerren last night and snowed up top, there was a fresh layer everywhere, walking outside was sketchy
Dusty:  I'm not sure how many of the people who go up even go outside, the restaurant appeared full...
Dusty: There are 2 trails down plus a ski run, all look very very sketchy even without snow..

09:05 Switzerland time 01:05 California time

PANO - scroll right

09:07 Switzerland time 01:07 California time

09:10 Switzerland time 01:10 California time

I've already lost the sun....
that was fast!

09:10 Switzerland time 01:10 California time

09:12 Switzerland time 01:12 California time

PANO - scroll right

09:13 Switzerland time 01:13 California time

09:13 Switzerland time 01:13 California time

09:17 Switzerland time 01:17 California time

09:18 Switzerland time 01:18 California time

09:19 Switzerland time 01:19 California time

09:19 Switzerland time 01:19 California time

You can easily seen Thun and Bern to the northeast, that was cool...

09:20 Switzerland time 01:20 California time

PANO - scroll right

09:23 Switzerland time 01:23 California time

09:29 Switzerland time 01:29 California time

09:30 Switzerland time 01:30 California time

09:36 Switzerland time 01:36 California time

09:37 Switzerland time 01:37 California time

09:44 Switzerland time 01:44 California time

09:54 Switzerland time 01:54 California time

10:12 Switzerland time 02:12 California time

10:15 Switzerland time 02:15 California time

10:22 Switzerland time 02:22 California time

11:29 Switzerland time 03:29 California time

I then rode my bike from Muerren down the trail to Gimmelwald and Stechelberg..

12:08 Switzerland time 04:08 California time
All the following pictures were taken within 200 meters of this sign :)

The trail got so steep I was sure that it was no longer a bike trail.
I dismounted and walked my bike down to avoid trashing the trail with bike tire skid marks
Later turned out I was wrong, this trail was clearly marked as a bike trail.

12:11 Switzerland time 04:11 California time

12:11 Switzerland time 04:11 California time

12:15 Switzerland time 04:15 California time

12:16 Switzerland time 04:16 California time

12:23 Switzerland time 04:23 California time

I stopped and had beer at this spot that had a killer view of Lauterbrunnen valley.

12:23 Switzerland time 04:23 California time

12:23 Switzerland time 04:23 California time

13:05 Switzerland time 05:05 California time


13:05 Switzerland time 05:05 California time

13:08 Switzerland time 05:08 California time

13:08 Switzerland time 05:08 California time

13:12 Switzerland time 05:12 California time

13:33 Switzerland time 05:33 California time

Downtown Lauterbrunnen, Imboden Bike store is center right, rentals are far right
Returned bike, rode gondola back to Muerren.
Wandered around Muerren, took pictures of interesting posters, bought a few shirts

15:15 Switzerland time 07:15 California time

15:15 Switzerland time 07:15 California time

15:16 Switzerland time 07:16 California time

180 chf for a tandem flight.
I considered it fleetingly but not seriously....

Each night in Mürren I've dined outside on the patio at the Hotel Eiger.
They have two tables under a canopy next to the building, which is ideal if you don't want to get rained on.
They have plenty of other tables with no canopy.
Each evening a couple from Malibu was at the first table, I took the second table.

Tonight I arrived to find the couple from Malibu and .... a crowd at my table!
I asked the waitstaff, they told me the crowd at my table would be leaving in perhaps 30 minutes since they had dinner reservations.
I literally just stood around, waiting patiently.
After just a few minutes the woman from Malibu approached me to let me know she wasn't sure how quickly my table would be freed up.
I had nowhere else to go, so I just stood there (seriously, I wasn't going to eat inferior food elsewhere just because it was more convenient).

The crowd at my table was three older couples from Texas.
They amused each other with such wit as saying they had been up the "Shithorn".
Makes me oh so proud to be an American in the company of such stunning intellect and humor.

Finally "Shithorners" left and I could eat dinner.

18:14 Europe time 09:14 California time
Kent: Nice Dusty!  The only thing I recognized up there from On her majesty's secret service is the mid century metal stairs and the revolving feature
Kent: Went up once during ski season, and folks dropping into the ski run beneath were on what would be a yellow run in USA
Kent:  Danger
Kent:  Equivalent to corbets at Jackson mountain resort
Kent:  Enjoy the remote swiss area!

18:16 Europe time 09:16 California time
Kent: Been waiting all morning for the Belgian GP to start, but so much rain.

19:20 Europe time 10:20 California time
Jed: What was a grand 75 ft shag bark hickory is now a problematic 40 ft stump
Jed: Lost a couple more further back in the yard
Jed: At least it fell away from the house

20:07 Europe time 11:07 California time
Dusty: Big storm?

20:10 Europe time 11:10 California time
Ray: Sad!

20:12 Europe time 11:12 California time
Ray: Great pictures as we've become accustomed to, Dusty! But can you maybe take a few selfies with your left hand just for shits and grins.

20:13 Europe time 11:13 California time
Dusty: Too many selfies today but Schilthorn is a touristy selfie kinda spot.
Dusty: the panos i take are always way better but i never text them (cause they won't text)

20:16 Europe time 11:16 California time
Ray: Selfies are better
Ray: They're the  pictures we'll care about in a few years, not that your panos aren't panoriffic.

20:16 Europe time 11:16 California time
Jed: 30 minute storm with big gusts of wind for the last 5 minutes
Jed: Heard it crack and fall
Jed: Very loud
Jed: Was hoping it wasn't that one
Jed: Probably some homeless raccoons now

20:20 Europe time 11:20 California time
Dusty: I would assume it will cost much less to have whats left of your tree and stump choped down and hauled away than if you had needed it taken down when it was still 75' high..
Dusty: nature did the hard part

Ray: Oh man, Ed Asner died.

15:19 Europe time 06:19 California time
Dusty: Jed did you have any indication before yesterday that the shag bark was unstable or nearing end of life?  Just  curious...
Dusty: I lived in fear that our Monterey pine out back would fall into the neighbors yard or in a neighbor kids head..
Dusty: Until we chopped it...

15:32 Europe time 06:32 California time
Jed: We have a tree guy who we've paid so much money with
Jed: He's walked the property and we discussed that tree specifically
Jed: He said it was solid
Jed: Looking at the break the tree looks to be alive
Jed: It could have been lightning that got it
Jed: Or just the fact it was so tall and nothing would protect it from the wind at that height
Jed: Anyway, tree guy said to not cut it down 2.5 years ago and he knows his stuff
Jed: He was back about a year ago doing more work and said it was fine
Jed: I am a proactive chopper downer of trees
Jed: If he even hinted at cutting it down I would have

15:41 Europe time 06:41 California time
Dusty: You are much more responsible than i am with trees, I've been lucky....
Dusty: I'd think lightning might leave a mark of some kind..
Dusty: a great gust with that kinda height, lotsa force ...
Dusty: snap!

15:47 Europe time 06:47 California time
Jed: I cut a few branches off our slack line and was surprised how heavy relatively small branches were
Jed: Hickory with leaves and nuts = very heavy
Jed: There was a decent sized tree that was absolutely smashed underneath the hickory top
Jed: Hate to think if that hit the house

15:50 Europe time 06:50 California time
Jed: The tree under the hickory

16:18 Europe time 07:18 California time
Ray: whoa

16:23 Europe time 07:23 California time
Dusty: Crunch

16:26 Europe time 07:26 California time
Ray: We've got a huge pine next to the house that worries us

16:44 Europe time 07:44 California time
Dusty: What's the worry?  Of course it will fall down
Dusty:  Unless you chop it first.

Saturday August 28, 2021
Kleine Scheidegg

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