Alaska 2018


Friday August 3, 2018
El Granada to Anchorage

During the fall of 2017 Kathy and I decided to see Alaska in August 2018. 

Friday August 3, 2018 - El Granada to Anchorage
Saturday August 4, 2018 - Anchorage
Sunday August 5, 2018 - Anchorage
Monday August 6, 2018 - Homer
Tuesday August 7, 2018 - Anchorage
Wednesday August 8, 2018 - Anchorage
Thursday August 9, 2018 - Booze train to Denali
Friday August 10, 2018 - Bus ride in Denali
Saturday August 11, 2018 - Denali
Sunday August 12, 2018 - Bus ride to Seward
Monday August 13, 2018 - At sea
Tuesday August 14, 2018 - Glacier Bay National Park
Wednesday August 15, 2018 - Haines, Alaska
Thursday August 16, 2018 - Juneau, Alaska - whale watching and Mendenhall Glacier
Friday August 17, 2018 - Ketchikan, Alaska
Saturday August 18, 2018 - Inside Passage
Sunday August 19, 2018 - Vancouver to El Granada

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21:48 Alaska time 22:48 California time
Portage Glacier

07:49 Alaska time 08:49 California time
Dusty: The glacier pic is Portage Glacier, popular tourist spot, thought i recognized it from the air given i also had a rough idea of our location from uniteds craptastic map on the inflight entertainment.

07:51 Alaska time 08:51 California time
Dusty: Glacier has retreated so much you can't even see it from the visitor center they built in 1986..

21:41 Alaska time 22:41 California time

And I was not disappointed.
While my lens wasn't good enough to take great pictures from this distance, the scenery was stunning.
I was now one for three on the sites I really wanted to see on this trip, all glacial - Homer, Denali, and Glacier Bay.

Our room is behind the word "SeaLion" in the SeaLion Art sign.

Kathy's pic

Driving back toward Homer on the spit

Mt Iliamna

Mt Redoubt

Mt Iliamna from Ninilchik Alaska


Transfiguration of Our Lord Chapel
Russian Orthodox
Ninilchik Alaska





Jeff Miller's Husky Homestead tour
Of course they let you pet the puppies


11:19 Alaska time

12:41 Alaska time

13:38 Alaska time

13:42 Alaska time

Dahl sheep
15:26 Alaska time

15:38 Alaska time

15:43 Alaska time

15:25 Alaska time

19:26 Alaska time

While others were still in their rooms, Karin and I wasted no time exploring the bars looking at the beer selection.
Karin ordered a Fat Tire at the pool bar.
I was still deciding when the bell rang for our Titanic drill and the bar immediately closed.
Karin was good enough to share her beer with me.

I immediately became recognizable as the long haired drunk who had the foresight to bring beer to the Titanic drill.
I explained to a few folks that my mother in law was good enough to share with me..

We all had to stand around outside waiting to hear our names called.
We weren't supposed to have any food or drink.
When they called our "Ketchum", I replied "Cheers!"

For the rest of the week, a few people recognized me as the guy with the beer...or the guy with the mother in law... or both...

12:08 Alaska time
Majerie Glacier and the Noordam, the one of the Westerdam's sister ships.

12:55 Alaska time
Majerie Glacier
I took a few minutes of video hoping to catch a large piece of ice calving, but did not see any significant calving.

13:43 Alaska time

14:32 Alaska time
Topeka Glacier

14:32 Alaska time
Topeka Glacier

14:38 Alaska time
John Hokpins Glacier

14:38 Alaska time
John Hokpins Glacier

14:38 Alaska time
Toyatte Glacier

14:52 Alaska time
Lamplugh glacier

15:26 Alaska time
Reid Glacier

After Jaw Point I finally came back inside and had lunch.
I was freezing since I'd spent most of the last 3 hours outside watching glaciers.

On the way out of Glacier Bay I relaxed in the hot tub and watched our cruise ship float by the mountains and distant hanging glaciers that nobody else even noticed...
It was lovely...

17:29 Alaska time

Getting ready for our second pass by South Marble Island, home to hundreds of Stellar Sea Lions

17:29 Alaska time

17:29 Alaska time

17:31 Alaska time
South Marble Island

17:32 Alaska time
Stellar Sea Lions on South Marble Island

A few brief moments of sunshine above a couple of high glaciers above old Seward fort in Haines

08:06 Alaska time 09:06 California time
Dusty: Greetings from Haines Alaska

19:57 Alaska time
Booking the cruise with Costco travel got us a rebate, free drink package, and one night's dinner at the Pinnacle Grill steak house.
The drink package worked well for us, you can order a very wide variety of beverages under the $9 limit.
We tried the steak house Wednesday night.
I thought the dining room the nights before had been 5 star food and service.
I was wrong, the steak house was quite a step up from the dining room.

10:07 Alaska time

10:07 Alaska time

10:16 Alaska time

10:17 Alaska time

10:32 Alaska time 11:32 California time
Dusty: Just saw orcas for about 30m!   They appeared right in front of our boat once less about 100' away..
Dusty: have lots of pics and about 30s of video of the canon but didn't get them up close

Dusty: Couldn't believe it when they appeared right in front of me...
Dusty: don't think anyone was ready and got pics when they were close ..
Dusty: now on our way out to find humpbacks..we were between Barlow Islands and Shelter Island in the Saginaw Channel, now headed around Point Retreat into the Lynn Canal

Humpback whale bubble net feeding Lynn Canal just south of Point Retreat near Juneau Alaska

Humpback whale bubble net feeding Lynn Canal just south of Point Retreat near Juneau Alaska

2:10 bubble net feeding
3:55 whales surround a nearby boat that got way too close

10:47 Alaska time

10:54 Alaska time

10:54 Alaska time

10:58 Alaska time

10:59 Alaska time

10:59 Alaska time

11:05 Alaska time

11:08 Alaska time

11:08 Alaska time

11:11 Alaska time

11:11 Alaska time

11:12 Alaska time

Black bear cub eating salmon next to Steep Creek at Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau Alaska

12:53 Alaska time

12:55 Alaska time

13:01 Alaska time

13:04 Alaska time 14:04 California time
Dusty: Dinner aka salmon

13:01 Alaska time 14:01 California time
Dusty: Black bear cub eating salmon about 10' away..
Dusty: mama is sleeping with her other cub..
Dusty: fence conveniently keeps mama bear happy and tourists away from bears ...

Time-lapse of Mendenhall Glacier Receding.

13:20 Alaska time 14:20 California time
Dusty: Time lapse video of Mendenhall glacier disappearring rapidly over last 10yrs is horrifying..
Dusty: all climate change deniers should be fed to the bears or entombed in a crevasse

13:14 Alaska time

13:30 Alaska time

15:10 Alaska time

11:25 Alaska time

Finally a beautiful sunny almost warm day!

11:37 Alaska time

11:53 Alaska time

Dusty: I spent 4 solid hours poolside reading about Brad Washburn
Dusty: Retractable roof over pool opened up.

11:56 Alaska time

12:17 Alaska time

14:01 Alaska time

14:11 Alaska time

14:32 Alaska time


Alaska 2018


Friday August 3, 2018
El Granada to Anchorage