Sierra Nevadas


High Trail / PCT / John Muir Trail loop on Labor Day Weekend 2017
24.9 miles


Jed, Kent and I hike the John Muir Trail from Red's Meadow to Tuolumne Meadows 2016

Net distance from Red's Meadow to Toulumne Meadows on the JMT 37.9 miles
Our total distance hiked due to floundering up Minaret Canyon 45.3 miles

Total length of the JMT 210.4 miles
Jed and Kent have completed 37.9 miles or 18.01% of the JMT, and they have 172.5 miles to go
I have completed a total of 63.6 miles or 30.23% of the JMT, all at the ends of the trail:
- from Happy Isles to Red's Meadow
- from Trail Crest to Mount Whitney
I have 146.8 miles to go....


Ray and I hike Mount Whitney 14,505'
22 miles, 5,868' vertical


Mount Whitney Solo Day Hike 14,505'
22 miles, 5,868' vertical

Summer Solstice 2013


Wednesday July 27, 2011
CJ and I hike from Tioga Pass Road to North Rim, Yosemite Point, Yosemite Falls, and down Yosemite Falls trail to the valley floor.
I also hike to El Capitan and Eagle Peak before following CJ down Yosemite Falls trail

Cloud's Rest from the Valley Floor
19 miles, 6,187' vertical


Saturday September 4, 2010
Upper Pines campground up the Snow Creek trail to North Dome, Yosemite Point, Yosemite Falls, and down the Yosemite Falls trail to Yosemite Lodge


Thursday August 6, 2009
Traverse John Muir Trail from Tuolumne Meadows campground to Upper Pines


Half Dome from the Valley Floor
July 4th 2008
15.6 miles 5,134' vertical


Clouds Rest from the Valley Floor
Sat August 13 2005
19 miles, 6,187' vertical


Traverse from Tuolumne Meadows to Cathedral Peak, past Lower Cathedral Lake and past the back of Pywiack Dome
Wed Aug 18 2004